Adoption Progress

July 26, 2006

Adoption Progress

Well, my passport just came.  You know, the one I need to have so that I can adopt from Vietnam, even though I won’t be traveling there.  My husband’s passport came last week.  Funny story about that — and by funny I mean not so much.

When we first started the adoption process this time around we were planning to adopt from China.  Yes, we were going to try to adopt a boy from China — there is a story for a different time.  Anywhoo, all the directions from the agency were very clear that ALL paperwork should be filled out with your name exactly the way it appears on your passport.  So, many, many times husband and I had this conversation:

Me: “How is your name going to be on your passport?”

Him: “First name, middle initial, last name.”

Me: “How is your name going to be on your passport?”

Him: “First name, middle initial, last name.”

Me: “How is your name going to be on your passport?”

Him: “First name, middle initial, last name.”

So, naively I suppose, I do all of his paperwork for him with his first name, middle initial and last name. 

Last week his passport comes, and I am quite happy because that is one more step accomplished and one less thing to wait for.  A couple of days later, Friday late afternoon to be exact, I flip open his passport and see his name “First name, middle NAME, last name.”  I do what any loving, nurturing wife who has spent the last month+ working on adoption paperwork would do — I freak.  I don’t remember if I called him at work or just sent him instant messages with lots of mad little emoticons.

Luckily, it turns out, Vietnam isn’t quite as picky about those things as China seems to be.  Also luckily, there is a really good on- line group of prospective adoptive parents going through Vietnam with the same agency.  As I said, it was late Friday when I noticed the passport problem — too late to contact my agency for guidance.  By signing his full name for the passport, husband nearly signed his death sentence.  And who could blame me, having to wait an entire weekend thinking I would have to completely redo EVEYTHING?  But I didn’t have to wait the whole weekend, because those who are ahead of us in the process knew.  Thank goodness they knew!

So the crisis and potential jail time were avoided; which is probably a good thing because, though it isn’t explicitly stated anywhere, all of the required fingerprinting sessions and background checks would seem to imply that convicts don’t get to adopt kids.

Moral of the story: Networking saves time, money and lives.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the newt says hello.

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