November Goals: Progress Report

November 02

Ok, ok, so we’ve only actually completed one full day of November, but I figured I should brag about my success while I can.  Who knows what today or tomorrow will bring?

Goal 1:  Write a novel.  In order to stay on track I need to be writing something in the ball park of 1662 words per day (I really don’t remember the exact number, but that one is darned close, I’m sure of it).  Word count for Nov. 1: 1,736.  Yay me!

Goal 2:  Two miles on the treadmill every day.  Nov. 1: accomplished.  Of course, any benefits this had were undoubtedly offset by all of the leftover Halloween candy I ate.  Twizzlers, I must say, are very addictive and oddly comforting.  Why can’t carrot sticks taste like Twizzlers?

Goal 3:  Keep hair on my head.  Well, there isn’t a lot I can actively do about that one; but at least the shedding seems to be slowing down, so the super glue can stay put away for now.  I need to get some more of that miracle grow for hair stuff from my sister the Arbonne consultant.  It doesn’t keep my hair from falling out, but it does really seem to speed along the regrowth process.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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