And The Winner Is . . .

Nov. 30, 2006

And The Winner Is . . .

The award for being the most determined ambulance chaser in the land goes to . . . drum roll please . . . the law offices of K~, N~ & R~, LLC.  Not only are they located a full four hours from my house, they sent me four — count them: one, two, three, four — identical letters expressing their sympathy for my accident as well as their wishes to help me through this difficult period in my life.  Included with each letter is a business card with a tipping chart on the back (because figuring 15% or 20% is soooo difficult) and a business-card-sized magnet with which I can decorate my refrigerator.  And I got four of them!!!!

 Interestingly enough, their office is located on the same road my grandmother’s condo was on.  As kids we loved to go visit her because she would take us down to swim in the pool and, saintly lady that she was, she would sit there for literally hours so that we could swim.  She had glaucoma so she couldn’t exactly sit there and read the whole time.  If friends were in the pool area with their children or grandchildren she would sit and visit with them, otherwise she mostly just sat and watched us.  I didn’t realize at the time how much I should appreciate her willingness to do that, but I sure do now.  I do wonder, however, if one of us had been injured or was, for some odd reason, drowning what she would have done.  She was not exactly a spry grandma. 

 On the up side, she was a very loud grandma.  Not in a yelling, screaming, angry kind of way.  That was just the way she talked — very loudly, kinda shrill.  So I guess if something bad had happened, she could have yelled for help and the whole neighborhood would have heard it.  I’m sure the attorneys at K~, N~, & R~, LLC would have been there in a flash, and probably in triplicate (quadruplicate?).

 And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello, and he has a refrigerator magnet for you.

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