Lest We Forget the Children

December 19, 2006

Lest We Forget the Children

First things first:  I have neglected to give Husband the credit he much deserves for naming our new friends, Placebo Pig and Angus the Apothecary.  Yes, those were both his ideas; and good ones, I might add.  Though the kids just keep calling them Dr. Pig and Dr. Cow — little twits. 

(Don’t get your undies in a bunch — that was a joke.  I love my children dearly and I don’t call them names when I’m talking to them or about them — except for just now.  Well, ok, sometimes I jokingly tell A~ that she’s a nerd, but geeze, what nine-year-old decides to read Oliver Twist just for fun?)

On to the topic for the day.

Yesterday I had to take A~ to see the nephrologist (kidney doctor) for a follow up appointment.  Follow up to what, you ask?  Long story short:

pediatric well-check –> protein in the urine –> renal ultrasound –> renal cyst –> IVP test (fancy X-ray using contrast fluid to make the kidneys “light up”) –> yesterday’s follow up appointment.

We’ve had this follow up scheduled for about two or three months now.  Since they never called to give us devastating test results from the IVP, I had pretty much figured that all would go well yesterday.  However, I also thought all would go well the first time we were sent to the nephrologist.  You know, “Oh, Mrs. E., I don’t know why your pediatrician sent you here before even knowing the ultrasound results.  There is nothing wrong with your daughter.”  But that’s not how the initial visit went.  He told me my daughter has a cyst.

OK, so I hadn’t pretty much figured that all would go well yesterday.  I desperately hoped that all would go well yesterday.  It’s amazing the places my mommy mind can go when I’m worried, but I think I won’t share lest you determine I truly am nuts.

All did go well yesterday.  Yes, she does indeed have the cyst; but no, it’s not anything worse, so nothing to really worry about.  No more visits to the nephrologist.  This brings me to what I really want to share, now that I’m not too worried to talk about anything remotely related to my daughter and her renal cyst.

We have to go to the local children’s hospital to see the pediatric nephrologist, so it is the hospital that calls to remind us of the appointment and to “pre-register” us.  It is the hospital that tells me:

“When you come, make sure you remember to bring A~’s social security card.  And make sure you remember to bring your insurance card.  Make sure to arrive at the hospital at least a half an hour early as construction is making our parking situation complicated.  And, above all, make sure you remember to bring A~ with you.”


Seriously.  Apparently they’ve had parents come in for a child’s appointment without the child.

Nobody ever asked to see A~’s social security card or our insurance card (since the information hadn’t changed since our last visit).  I wonder if they would have noticed if I’d left A~ at home?  She hadn’t changed much either.  Just an inch and a half taller.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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