Mary: A Mother’s Testimony

December 20, 2006

Mary: A Mother’s Testimony — The Backstory

Three years ago at Christmastime I was asked to participate in a church program for the women of our congregation (ward).  The program included a skit in which different women from our ward played various women from the scriptures.  Each lady took the stage alone to deliver a monologue as if she were a scriptural figure bearing her testimony of Jesus Christ.

I was asked to be Mary, the mother of Christ.  Additionally, though they had a script for this program, it was not complete and they asked me to write my part.  It was both an honor and a humbling experience to be asked to write and perform as if I were Mary.  How do you put words in the mouth, so to speak, of Christ’s mother?

So the post just below this one is what I came up with after much prayer, pondering and scripture study.  I thought that this, being just a few days before Christmas, would be a good time to share it.  Though, I must admit, I’m a little hesitant about putting it out there into cyberspace because it touched me very deeply.  I’m not saying it’s that good, though I think it’s not too shabby; but, as a mother, trying to imagine what His mother really went through was very moving, and what I managed to get into words is still moving to me.

If you should decide to share it with anyone, well, first of all, thank you for seeing in it what I see in it.  Second, please don’t alter it. 



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Mary: A Mother’s Testimony

Mine was the unparalleled privilege of bearing the Son of God and watching over him as he increased in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man.  I would not have chosen to bring him, or any child, into this world in such surroundings as I did — a stable, a manger; but looking back, I understand that He who is greatest among us all had to descend beneath us all in order to complete His mission, and so this was a fitting beginning to His mortal life.

Mine was a uniquclip_image001e roll as I was his mother — responsible for his care and upbringing; and he was and is my God, responsible for my eternal welfare.

I watched him turn water to wine, heal the sick, bless the children and raise the dead.  No other mother can possibly know the profound joy I knew in the presence of my son.  yet, through it all, the words of Simeon the prophet came to my mind, “Yea, a sword shall pierce through thine own soul also.”

As we fled Egypt to escape the slaughter ordered by King Herod I thought perhaps I was understanding Simeon’s prophecy.  Then, as we had traveled a day’s journey from Jerusalem only to find my son was missing, I felt sure a sword was piercing my soul.  Finally, I knew I understood his prophecy as I watched my tortured son dying on the cross.

No mother will know the pain I knew, for I was not merely watching the agony of my son, I was watching the agony of the Son of God — agony that I knew was being suffered on my behalf, and even on behalf of those who were inflicting it.  Even as God in Heaven left Him to suffer His final agonizing mortal moments alone, I, his mother, stood helplessly watching, and a sword truly pierced my soul.

What do I think of Christ?  He is the son of my flesh, the brother of my spirit, the father of my world and the author of my salvation.  He is the son of the Living God.  He paid the price for my sins, and your sins.  He overcame death for us all.  It is by Him and through Him that we can reach our full eternal potential and return to live with our Father in Heaven.

Text ©2003 E.B.

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