What’s A Girl To Do?

January 02

What’s A Girl To Do?

Let’s just suppose that your absolute favorite shoe store has a sale wherein all clearance shoes are an additional 50% off.  This means you can get, for example, a pair of shoes that was originally $93.00 for a mere $15.

Now let’s suppose that at about the same time this sale is going on, one’s Husband decides to rip down one’s walk-in closet and begin rebuilding it in such a way as to make the available space more usable.

What’s a girl to do?  Go shoe shopping of course!  After all, the shoes are cheap and one is going to have more closet space to fill!  Sheesh, it’s a no-brainer if you ask me.  Not sure Husband sees it that way, but he doesn’t even have all of his real teeth anyway, so what could he possibly know about shoes?

Actually, he has five sisters, so he probably knows more about shoes than I do.  Plus, he knows how many, many times I’ve gone shoe shopping and come home empty handed saying something to the effect of, “I found shoes I liked, but I just didn’t want to spend that much money.” 

Isn’t he lucky to have me?

Anyway, in light of all those facts, this is totally understandable:

 Here they all are, waiting for their new clip_image001home to be completed. 

Unfortunately the lighting there is pretty bad at the moment, so I apologize for the picture quality.  Don’t despair, I have taken pictures of each individual pair so that you can get a better sense of my shopping victory:clip_image002

These brown pumps are one of my favorites.  I actually had to go to two stores to find them in brown.  I got them in black at the first stop.clip_image003 clip_image004

  Then I got another pair of black pumps because the ribbon used to make the bow really matches a dress we found in a closet when we were cleaning out my grandparents’ house.  We think it belonged to my grandfather’s aunt.  It fits me perfectly and these shoes fit it perfectly:


Notice the blue carpet on the floor there in my closet.  Yeah, this same carpet graces the floor of my entire bedroom.  I remember when I was seven-years-old and I got to pick out new carpet for my bedroom, I picked this exact color.  It was great — back in the late 1970’s.  Now we’re just doing all the house projects we can except for flooring.  We’ve made the sage decision to wait until our St. Bernard has gone to the great doggy park in the sky before we start investing in flooring from, literally, this century.

Anyway, all those shoes for under $100.00, barely.  This, however, is my favorite part (I didn’t discover it until Sunday morning when I was getting ready for church):clip_image007

This is on the bottom of the identical black and brown shoes.  Finding it was perfect, because we were on our way out the door to a church about an hour from our house for my niece’s baby blessing.

“Hey,” I said, “if we get hungry along the way we can feed my shoes to a vegetarian and then eat him!”*

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.  And he got some new shoes to go with his zoot suit.

*No vegetarians were harmed in the writing of this post.  Actually, though I am not a vegetarian, I have respect for those who are.  I believe that we, as a culture, eat waaaaaaaay to much meat.  But I still think cows make great shoes.

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