So Many Thoughts

January 05


Yes, so many thoughts and so little time to blog them.  Between trying to get things back on schedule around here, yesterday’s knock-me-out-and-make-me-want-to-puke migraine, and just all of the other post-holiday kerfluffle to-do-stuff, I haven’t had much time to post.Let me start with the reading assignment from last week.  If you have any kind of resolution or goal to lose weight and/or just be healthier in general, I suggested you procure a copy of Marilu Henner’s book Total Health Makeover.  If you have done this, and also read said book, then you will know that:a.  it is somewhat cornyandb. it suggests an eating lifestyle which is a far cry from the average American diet.So, you’ve read it, you probably think she’s full something up to her eyeballs, and now you’re wondering, “How was that supposed to help?”  Here’s how:Pick one thing she suggests and try it for two weeks.  I know she suggests many things: no white/processed flour, no sugar, no dairy, no chemicals, no caffeine, etc.  It’s been years since I last read it and my copy is currently on loan so I can’t reference it to remember everything.  Ahhh — food combining.  That’s another one.So, as I was saying, pick one thing.  I would suggest you start by eliminating all white/processed flour from your diet and switch to whole grains.  When I first read this book about 6 years ago I had a good 30 pounds I needed to lose.  This was the first switch I made and, without doing anything else, I lost 5 pounds in one week.  It doesn’t work that way for me now since I eat whole grains almost exclusively and I only have about 6 pounds I need to lose, but, depending on where you are it may help a lot.So here are just a few reminders about whole grains:1.  If something is labled “multi-grain” or “made with whole wheat” that does NOT mean it is 100% whole grain or whole wheat.  Look for the 100% whole wheat or whole grain somewhere on the label.  If you’re not sure, read the ingredients on the package.  Better yet, make your own.2. Grains include: bread, bagels, muffins, cereals, pasta, doughnuts, crackers, pizza crust and anything else that is bread-cookie-cracker-or-cake-like.  You can find 100% whole grain versions of most of these things if you know where to look (Trader Joe’s is a good place to look — though their very tasty whole wheat bagels are not 100% whole wheat —  as is your local health food store.  Most grocery store chains also now carry 100% whole wheat/grain versions of just about everything you could want.  Except for desserts — you’re on your own there).If you’re just not ready to give up your candy bars and sodas right now, that’s ok.  Just give up white flour.  That’s all.  It’s a big step, but you’re not depriving yourself of sugar (yet) so it is quite doable.  Trust me.  You’ll feel better and you’ll probably even feel a bit happier.And speaking of diet and mood, may I also suggest Potatoes Not Prozac by Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anyone should just go flush their meds down the toilet and start all over by eating potatoes, but this book explores how sugar (and did you know white flour basically just turns to sugar in your body?) affects your mood and can contribute to depression and mood fluctuations in general.  Ok, enough of this eating right stuff.  It’s necessary to a healthy life, but it’s boring to write about.  I’ll revisit it again sometime next week and report on my progress.  Like I said, I eat almost exclusively 100% whole grains, but I’ve gotten off track a bit what with the holidays and all (hence the raging migraine yesterday, I’m sure) so for this next week my goal is to not let a processed grain past my lips and get back into an exercise routine.And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.


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