Tuesday Tidbits

January 23

  • Husband, the McDreamy IT guy (hmmm . . . maybe I should just call him McHusband from now on . . .)  So, McHusband, who has a masters degree in IT security, informs me that one of the new, leading ways for identity thieves to thieve identities is blogs.  Yes, they are apparently trolling blogs looking for names, locations, etc.  Once they figure out who you are, they somehow figure out more important information related to you, and the next thing you know your alter ego is spending a week in Paris while you are home changing poopy diapers.  I showed McHusband some of the blogs I frequent, and his professional opinion was, “Holy crap!”  I love reading your blogs and would hate to see any of you victimized.
  • Health stuff — How are you doing on staying away from processed, refined flours?  Trust me, your colon and your outlook on life with thank you for it.  Well, o.k., your colon might seem to be revolting at first, but trust me, things will level off and you will be better off in the long run.
  • More health stuff — now that you’ve mastered sticking to whole grain flours, it’s time to make another lifestyle switch.  I’ll let you pick which to give up:  caffeine or sugar.  If you are suffering frequent colds, however, may I suggest you eliminate all dairy from your diet instead.  At least until cold season is over.  I’m going to have to choose sugar myself.  I already can’t eat dairy anymore and I battled my caffeine demons a couple weeks ago.  Darn the makers of Diet Berries-n-Cream Dr. Pepper — they had me hooked.  I make no promises about when I start my sugar purge.  Maybe next Monday.
  • This weekend I did something I swore I’d never do:  I bought a toddler bed.  The girls all went straight from the crib to a regular bed (with rails).  My plan was for Tank Boy to do the same.  We’ve kept him in a crib much longer than any of the others since he was happy there and he is the most mischievous and least trustworthy of any of my toddlers.  In other words, he’s the only boy.  His climbing out (and in), however, got out of control and was probably dangerous.  I know what kind of bunk bed I want for his room, the room he will someday share with Quinn; but I haven’t found one yet and I’m not ready to spend that kind of money on a bed right now anyway.  So I got the toddler bed.  He loves it and actually stays in it.  Well, he did get out once the first night and once the second night, but he went right back in and went to sleep when we caught him.  Monitors are lovely things.
  • I hate all the dog hair in my house, but there is nothing like watching your kids play in the snow with the St. Bernard.  Perhaps I shall post some pictures.  Of the dogs, of course.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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