Red Hot

February 01

Red Hot

Between adoption expenses and the rebuilding of our closet, which has entailed the purchasing of much wood, carpet and, soon, a new vanity, we have been spending a lot of money around here lately.

So I don’t require a Valentine’s Day gift.

However, should someone want to get me one anyway, here is a suggestion:


Bath and Body Works online, just in case you were wondering.  Buy the first one and get the second at a discount.

I have inexplicably become a collector of red croc bags from Bath and Body Works.  I don’t really travel, so it makes no sense.  Even if I did travel, they would probably only survive one pass by any airline luggage handler.  I just like them.

I mistakenly purchased the red Aspen Getaway bag at the semi-annual sale, not realizing there wasn’t a lick of faux croc on it anywhere.  You’d think I could just be happy with that — my red bag for the year.  But, no.  It wasn’t the red croc bag.  And won’t the red tote make a great diaper bag?

But like I said, I don’t require a Valentine’s Day gift this year.

And George, if you’re out there, Twet the Newt says hello.

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