No Sugar Starting . . . NOW!

No Sugar Starting . . . NOW!

O.K., actually starting yesterday.  Details, details.

Remember what I said in my last post about weighing less than the St. Bernard?  Yes, well, I’m getting uncomfortably close to not.  Weight issues aside, I’m just feeling sluggish and overly tired.  While this could be some kind of virus and it could be some kind of winter blues, I’m guessing at least part of it is due to my getting-out-of-control sugar consumption.  So, it’s time to stop.

I usually do 21 days with no sugar about twice a year.  This is just enough to get me back on the moderation track right as I’m starting to really slide off.  However, I haven’t done it in over a year now, and I’m so far from moderation that it looks more like deprivation.  This is a sure sign that I need to buckle down, suck it up, and stay away from the stuff for 21 days, or more.

I have read a bit on the connection between sugar addiction and alcoholism.  Alcoholism runs in my family on both sides (great-grandparental and aunt/uncle types — not my parents, luckily), so it’s a good thing I’m not a drinker.  I believe, however, this familial propensity has helped forge my relationship with sugar. 

My name is E.  I am a sugar addict.  Aside from making it impossible for me to drop the needed few pounds, how does sugar affect me?  Let’s just say, I’d be an angry drunk.  I’m a much happier person when I’m off the white stuff (which is merely an expression — I have to stay away from brown sugar as well — did you know it’s only white sugar with added molasses? — corn syrup, anything saying fructose or sucrose, you get the picture).  I also have much more energy.

I envy McHusband.  He makes a pan of brownies (which I cannot eat due to an egg sensitivity), eats one brownie and is done.  The next day he will eat another.  The next day he might eat another, or he might throw out whatever is left because it is no longer fresh.  What?!?!?!  How does he do that?  Is he human?

Aside:  Don’t fret about the kidlets, they get brownies, too.

I make a batch of egg-free brownie like things and eat half.  Immediately.  Unless it’s a double batch.  I snack here and there on small bites throughout whatever is left of the day.  I wake up groggy the next morning and am not the happiest person.  I prove to myself that the brownie like things do not rule me and avoid them all morning.  I do such a good job of avoiding them all morning that I reward myself after lunch by eating the rest of them.  I then resort to eating chocolate chips sporadically throughout the day because, once the pump is primed, I have to keep the sugar flowing.  I go grocery shopping and stock up on dark chocolate Hershey Kisses because they are on sale.  I don’t bake for a while after that (pat on the back) but I eat my weight in Kisses.  I make up for it by eating a bowl of broccoli (no butter, no salt) for lunch the next day and telling myself I eat healthy.  Then I desperately need a nap.  And some chocolate.

Right.  Time to get off that ride.

We have been DTV for roughly 152 days now, and we’re waiting for a boy, so I’m hopeful that sometime shortly after Tet we’ll hear something.  I need to pull my diet together before then or I’ll probably explode.  Not a pretty picture — E. guts all over the walls and all.

Yesterday, being day one, was a bit uncomfortable.  So far today I’m doing fine, but experience has taught me that this whole sugar-free-fun-fest will get harder before it gets easier, so feel free to remind me that I’m not supposed to be eating anything sweet and tasty (except fruit) any time between now and Feb.  24th.  Check in, harass and harangue.  Please.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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