Strep Throat

February 09

I grew up with this.  I usually wasn’t sick with it, but I always had it.  Seemingly every year I went in for my check up I tested positive for strep, even though I wasn’t sick.  At some point, around high school I suppose, I stopped testing positive.  Too bad, it always got me a happy, healthy day off school.

I was strep free until last August.  I was about 4 or 5 days into a 21 day sugar detox and BAM!  Strep throat.  I was so sick I just gave up on the no sugar thing. 

So, here I am,  half way through day 6 of no sugar and, you guessed it, I’ve got strep.  The symptoms started two days ago but I was hoping if I ignored it it would just go away.  No such luck.  At least my symptoms aren’t too bad at this point — not like a full-blown miserable case of it.  And yes, I have had those.

So how is it I can go my entire late teen/adult life without this and all of the sudden, in my mid-30’s I’m getting it again?  And is it only coincidence that it’s happened when I’ve given up sugar?  Odd.  When I don’t feel so compelled to go curl up in bed I think I’ll do some Internet research to see if there is some kind of sugar/bacteria connection of which I am unaware.  Maybe I just ticked the little buggers off.  They were all probably running around, hopping mad, jittery and chanting, “I need a fix, I need a fix,”  until one of them had a little light bulb pop up over his . . . um. . .flagellum . . . and said, “Fine then, we’ll fix her.

I had intended to ask the doctor about a possible connection between strep and my sugar habits if the test came back positive, as I knew it would; but by that time my brain had checked out and I forgot.  Between Midge acting like Tank Boy, screaming and refusing to follow me from the waiting room back to the exam room, and Tank Boy acting like Tank Boy on speed, running around the exam room at warp speed, opening and closing every drawer and cupboard he could reach and pulling every odd apparatus out of the exam table that could be pulled out, and the Strep Brothers doing the Cytoplasmic Happy Dance all throughout my body, it was all I could do to thank her for the prescription and walk out of the office with any sort of dignity.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is going to curl up in a soft, warm, quiet place.

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