A Capitol Time

March 07

A Capitol Time

One of the benefits of homeschooling is that you can take a break from the daily grind and go do educational, fun things.  And count it as school time.

I really am not one to do a bunch of frivolous stuff and count it as school.  We use a pretty rigorous curriculum with which I have long been impressed, and my decision to homeschool was based on academic reasons.  We live in a good district, but they weren’t really eager to work with me when I called them up and said, “Hey, my daughter, who is going to miss the cutoff for kindergarten by less than a month this fall, just finished reading a few E.B. White novels.  Do you think you could test her for early admission?”

The space cadet lady on the other end of the line said they would be more than willing to test A~, but I shouldn’t hold my breath about them letting her start school, regardless of how well she did.  Some public school drivel about risking emotional and social damage by starting her early.  I did mention that she was only missing the cutoff by less than a month, right?

Whatever, so we’re homeschooling.  Hooray.  Really, most days I’m glad we do, but today is not one of them.  You see, if my kids were in public schools, we would probably be at home right now so that they wouldn’t be missing a week of school.  Instead, since McH had a business conference in D.C. and we homeschool, I thought, “What a perfect way to have a change of pace and still get in some educational hours!  While he’s learning all this scary stuff about Internet security and identity theft the kids and I can walk all over and then we can take a drive back over the mountains (funny calling them that after living in the middle of the Rockies for a few years) to visit my Best Friend In the Whole World (except for my Other Best Friend, who is male, so it’s not quite the same — which isn’t to say that McH isn’t my truly best friend, but I consider that a given, so he doesn’t get the title.  Make sense?).”

So here we are.  Today the high was about 30.  And it snowed pretty much all day.  And our hotel is about 2 miles from all of the museums and stuff.  Suck.  Luckily I was able to find the nearly-impossible-to-find-in-stores Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller.  Can you be in love with a stroller?  Because I think I am.  So this new member of our family has been immensely helpful ever since we purchased it somewhere in West Virginia.  That has been the highlight of the trip.

Somewhere in Ohio we took a very small rock to the windshield which left a not-as-small-as-it-should-have-been pit.  With a couple hairline cracks.  Today, as the kids and I were trying to find our way out of the city to go visit my friend, the hairline cracks suddenly began racing each other in opposite directions to see which one could get to its respective side of the glass first.  I decided to turn around lest the glass fall into pieces on my lap.  I don’t know if that could actually happen, but I was a little stressed out due to four kids, downtown traffic, getting lost, and finding out my OnStar service is only good in case of emergency (though they would give me directions if I wanted to upgrade my service for another $200.00+ per year.  “Would you like me to connect you with the sales department?”  “Would you, oh unhelpful person who is currently tracking the blip that is me on your screen while refusing to give me directions, like to shove something large and  uncomfortable where it probably doesn’t belong?!?!?!”).

So, in that state, it seemed entirely possible to my mind that the entire windshield could indeed drop into my lap, or face, at any second.  To mock my situation the growing cracks curved upward into what ended up being a three-foot wide smile.  ARGH!

Tomorrow someone is coming to our hotel to replace our windshield.  That pretty much kills our plans to drive out to the zoo since the glass fixers will be here sometime  between 9a.m. and 4 p.m.   Thank goodness for cell phones.  They’ll call when they’re ready so that we can all run the two miles back from wherever we happen to be at that point.  The kids are voting for the spy museum. 

We did the aquarium today.  Little tip:  I could put fish tanks in my basement, too.  Granted,  I wouldn’t know how to keep an octopus alive, but, other than that, the effect would be about the same.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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