10 Things That Make Me Odd

March 11

10 Things That Make Me Odd

I was tagged by Laurie to share 10 things about myself that others might consider a bit odd.  With the long, mercifully uneventful, drive back from D.C. recently I had plenty of time to mull this one over in my brain and all I could think was, “Holy crud.  The Dr.-types who read my blog are going to tell me I need a psych evaluation.”  Ok, not true — it’s not the only thing I could think.  The other thing was, “Holy crud.  I, along with others, have my blog link listed on our agency’s Vietnam Yahoo! group.  Do the adoption coordinators read our blogs on their lunch hour?  ‘Cause if they see my list they are probably going to suddenly find some irreparable problem with my dossier and yank us out of the program.”

Oh well.  Here goes:

1.  I panic if someone grabs both of my ankles at the same time.  I don’t know why.  Meaning, I don’t know why I panic, and I don’t know why anyone would want to grab both of my ankles, but it has happened at least twice that I can recall.  Both times were boys/men goofing around.  One was a good friend who I almost, kind of dated.  The other was a guy I dated semi-seriously in college.  Anyway, when men know that sex absolutely is not part of the dating equation they apparently will look for any reason/way to touch you in a not inappropriate manner.  So my ankles were, playfully, grabbed.  The first time I instantly burst into tears.  The second time the tears came and I kicked the guy clean across the room before I even knew what I was doing.  Lucky for me ankle grabbing is not some kind of traditional, everyday greeting in our society, eh?  And no, I do not walk around in fear of someone grabbing my ankles.  I never knew about this, ah, personal feature, until the first time my ankles were grabbed.

2.  I bruise incredibly easily.  Incredibly.  We all went sledding a couple of weeks ago.  I was surprised the next day that I had no bruise on my posterior from the incredibly painful ice chunk on which my saucer landed after taking some air at the bottom of the hill.  I was still surprised the day after that.  Then I quit checking.  So you can imagine my surprise when, several days after that, my entire . . . ummm . . . what’s the polite term for butt cheek? . . . was black and yellow and blue.  I have other, more unfortunate, bruising stories.  I’ll spare you the details.  Let’s just say, McHusband and I have an unspoken understanding that my neck is completely off limits, and leave it at that.

3.  I hate to fly.  I suppose you could say my fear of flying has nearly reached the level of actual terror.  They say one needs to face one’s fears in order to overcome them; but the truth is I have flown several times.  Each time the fear got a little worse and a little worse.  One of the last times I was airborne I actually started to relax a bit.  Unlike all of my previous flights, there was no turbulence and it was all smooth sailing, as they say.  Then we hit the air pocket.  I have no idea how far the plane actually dropped, I just know that we all flew up out of our seats a few inches and the woman next to me then grabbed the on-board telephone that was attached to the seat in front of her (this was before the days of every Tom, Dick and Tweenager having his/her own cell phone), dialed her mother, and started screaming in a distinctly Cooterish way, “WE ALMOST DIED!!!!  WE ALMOST DIED!!!!!  THE PLANE ABOUT CRASHED, I FLEW OUT OF MY SEAT AND WE ALMOST ALL DIED!!!!”  I just don’t need that kind of stress in my life.

4.  This is probably related to #3 — I will not walk on the grates and man-hole cover thingys that litter city sidewalks.  I will go to great lengths to walk around them or, if necessary, jump over them.  The grates (what are they?  heat vents?) especially.  They make a very unstable rattling sound when stepped upon.

5.  I cannot eat nuts, soy, diary or eggs to excess.  Or even in normal, moderate amounts.  They give me horrible, brain splitting, puking migraines.  If I eat them in small amounts I only get the once-a-month migraine.  If I eat them in larger amounts I start getting migraines all. the. time.  I haven’t found a doctor yet to explain the dysfunction in my body that causes this or how it could be remedied.  So I just don’t eat those foods.  Imagine, if you can, a life without cheese and Snickers bars.  Wanna trade?

6.  I have an anaphylactic reaction to aspirin and ibuprofen.  This did not start until my early 20’s.  Just a year before the migraines.  Yep, no Excedrin Migraine for me.  McH tells me it’s great stuff.

7.  In real, non-internet life, I am rather shy and reserved.  In social gatherings I can’t work a room to save my life.  My word, at this point you all know me better than most of the people I’ve been going to church with for the past 5 years.  However, give me a topic, a little time to research, and put me in front of a stadium full of people and I will speak, teach, lecture, whatever you want, for as long as you want, with little to no stage fright.

8.  I will not touch raw meat unless I have to because I’m making meatballs.  Which I do very rarely because we don’t eat red meat around here very often and ground turkey meatballs aren’t the best.  Though I have, somewhere, an excellent turkey meatloaf recipe.  McH would disagree with the excellent part.  Anyway, it’s not that I’m scared of the meat or anything.  It’s just gross.  It never bothered me until my first pregnancy.  While the aversion isn’t as strong now as it was then, it’s still there.

9.  I had a pet rabbit and, while McH and I were on our honeymoon, it died.  I realize this probably does not make me, personally, odd; but how many people can say, “Yeah, we were on our honeymoon and the rabbit died,” and actually mean that a pet rabbit went toes up?  I’m probably dating myself here.  You do all know what that expression, “the rabbit died,” means, right?

10. I HATE to make telephone calls.  Unless I know the person I’m calling really, really well.

Since we haven’t heard anything out of these folks for awhile, I’m tagging:

M & J over at Dragonfly Chase and Colleen at My Blooming Rose.  Also, I’m tagging Kelly over at Snips and Snails.  And, no Kelly, obsessing over adoption ethics does not count as something that makes you odd.   And Traci over at A Day in the Life.  I haven’t been able to get her link to work for some reason.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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