Fragments From Friday

March 16

Fragments From Friday

Waking up at 6 a.m. to find your 2.5-year-old son’s bedroom door wide open and his beloved blankie heaped at the top of the staircase isn’t fun.  Luckily he was buried deep beneath the blanket, sleeping somewhat uncomfortably on the floor.  Reminder to self:  check with social worker as to why it’s considered bad parenting in our state to have a lock on the outside of the child’s bedroom door.  This is what I think she told us when she did our homestudy.  Once again, I think the government doesn’t know just what it’s talking about.

Izzie and George?!?!?  Whose writer’s-block induced desperation created this plot twist?  It only proves to me that, at some point, they will have McDreamy cheat on Meredith with Christina.  Or Meredith will cheat on him with McSteamy.  Or, even more likely, both.  I realize it may be more difficult to make stable, rational behavior into “compelling” t.v. but won’t somebody at least try?  At least give pseudo rational-behavior a chance?  Izzie and George?!?!?!?

McHusband is the official IT Hottie at work, being so dubbed by a female sales rep who has a friend in Chicago who looks just like Sarah Jessica Parker, and boy could she set them up!  And wow!  Does he go to the gym like every day or what?  Reminder to self:  time to buy him a bigger, more sparkly, more noticeable wedding ring.


Last Friday we finally made it to the National Zoo, just long enough to see the panda bears and elephants which, mercifully, were right next door to each other.  Then we headed home.  It was a miserable trip overall, but the short time we had at the zoo was good and I love this shot.  A~ is in the light blue coat and L~ is in the hooded pink coat on the other side of the glass from the panda.  Right after I snapped this the bear growled at them and walked away.  Priceless.

Well, if anything else interesting, noteworthy or humorous happens today I’ll update this post.  Since it will still be Friday and all.

Update — See, I knew I’d forgotten something

October Road, the show that won the time-spot lottery and got Grey’s Anatomy for it’s lead-in, must be mentioned.  My assessment:  this one’s still in diapers, and I think they’re kinda stinky. 

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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