April 16


Guess where I am?  Come, on, guess!

I’m at home!!!!!!

“So what?” you ask?

A~ and L~ are at piano lessons, and I don’t have to be there!

The new teacher lives five minutes away, as opposed to the 20-25 minutes we have been driving forever.

Tank Boy is now camped in front of a Thomas video with a little friend who is visiting with us this morning, and Midge has decided to join them.  I will probably go clean my kitchen.  Wow!  Yes, I’m excited to clean my kitchen because anything, anything, is better than sitting for an hour trying to take notes as the piano teacher teaches, trying to keep Tank Boy quiet while the piano teacher teaches, and trying to keep Midge and Tank Boy from getting bored and deciding to kill each other to pass the time while the piano teacher teaches, getting lectures from the piano teacher on the evils of Harry Potter, getting parenting tips from the piano teacher who has no kids of her own.

Yes, though in many ways I really liked that piano teacher, I feel a huge burden lifting, and I am envisioning new possibilities:  running errands with two kids instead of four, spending time at home doing little kid activities with just little kids, giving myself pedicures . . . the possibilities are endless.

Oh my gosh, you should see how bad my toes look.  I could post a picture, but, really, who needs to start the week off that way?  Mondays are bad enough, I won’t make you hurl this early in the morning.

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice on the side, over there on the left of your screen, I’ve got something new I’m trying:

 Support This Site

It’s in the beginning stages.  Any and all feedback is welcome.  If I actually sell anything, the proceeds will be used to: reimburse my graphic designer/tutor/brother for his time (even though he says I don’t have to), maybe buy some software I’ve been coveting that would help me do this Cafe Press thing from the comfort of my own home, help children and families in crisis.  Honestly, I hope to be able to raise money to mostly donate to help orphaned children and help families in need.  Seriously.  Apparently you can also publish books with Cafe Press, and I have an idea for that, too.  It will require input from all of you in the adoption community.  I’ll talk more about it later.  For now, I’ve got a kitchen to clean!

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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