I Make People Think?

April 22

I Make People Think?

So I checked on my blog stats this evening and saw that I seemed to be getting a bit more traffic than usual from Mrs. Broccoli Guy’s blog.  When I went over there to see what was going on, well, you can imagine my surprise:

I make people think?  Wow!  I offend people?  Double wow!!  Honestly, I never set out to do either!  O.k, it’s not like I’m completely unaware that some people may be offended by some of what I say, but it’s still not what I set out to do, ever.  If you’re not sure what the heck I set out to do with this blog, click on the Are You a Digger? link on the upper right of this page.

Anyway, thank you very much Christina, really.  It is an honor.  I would like to hand the award right back to you, as yours is one of my favorite blogs, but that is probably not in keeping with the spirit of this meme, so I will choose five more.  I have decided to do it tonight, despite the fact that I am dead tired and want to go to bed, so that I can hand out this award to a few blogs before other people pick them (since I’m not very diverse in my blog reading and read all of the same blogs the rest of the Vietnam adoption community reads).  How very selfish of me, I know.  But there you have it.

First, here are the rules for this meme.  So, if I’ve chosen you, make sure you go read up on how it works before you cut and paste your thinking blogger award and choose your five.

Here are my five:

1.  Diary of a Mad Suburban Dad  You will notice that he has not blogged in forever, so maybe he technically should not qualify for this award.  I don’t know.  I’m giving it to him anyway, even though he may never know it, because he inspired me to try blogging.  I accidentally found his blog over a year ago and began reading it.  I was still at a relatively low point what with all the stress from the recent death of my grandfather, divorce of my brother, and Tank Boy daily attacking Midge and biting her (and no, that’s not meant to be funny — it really was quite stressful).  His blog inspired me to start looking for the humor in family life rather than let myself get mired down in the difficult parts.  It has been a process, but a very therapeutic one, and life is much more enjoyable now.

2.  Kate over at The Cracked Pot  She has made me think a lot.  Especially over the past 24 hours, but that’s o.k.  Last fall she made me think about trying to write a novel.  So I tried.  Well, I wrote enough to officially say I wrote a novel for NaNoWriMo, even though I never brought the novel to a conclusion.  But, wow, do I have a great start.  Sure, a lot of it is awful, but not all of it, so I have a great start.  Someday I will go back and edit and finish.  That whole novel writing month gave me something to think about other than the fact that November was the first anniversary of the end of the all-too-recent awful stuff.  In other words, it was a distraction from the pain.  And actually reaching the novel writing goal?  Well, it helped me feel a little more human again.

Hmmm . . . have I made it sound like I spent months in the fetal position or something?  Really, I didn’t.  It was just a difficult period of my life.

3.  Kelly at Snips and Snails.  In addition to sharing day-to-day snippets of life (really, ewww about the dog doo) and adoption progress (slow — what’s new?) she writes some thought provoking posts (look in her December archives for Scandal at Scourie).  Not always the typical “thought-provoking” adoption topics, which is what makes it fun.

4.  Laurie at Journey to Jackson (though the title will be changing soon).  Though there is some common ground, she and I see many things very differently, which is why she makes me think.  Sometimes we need to step outside of our own little box and examine it.  That doesn’t mean we’ll have to put our box on the market and move to a new one, but it never hurts to evaluate and re-evaluate.

5.  S. at Our Vietnamese Ladybug.  She frequently blogs about non-adoption but very human topics.  She makes me think about things I didn’t even realize were out there to think about (read her posts from April 10 and 11).

So, there are my five.  Tag, you guys.  You’re it.  Who are your five?

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt yawns hello.

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