Celebrating the Children

May 05

Celebrating the Children

Today marked the first anniversary of our adoption group’s official kick off.  It was also our celebration of Korea’s Children’s Day.  This makes two years now that we have hosted this holiday at our house, and I really enjoy it.

First and foremost, the impending arrival of many people makes me really clean my house.  I also enjoy it because . . . I don’t know . . . there is just something about watching a zillion kids running around my back yard, playing together, and having a (mostly) good time that just makes me happy.  The fact that their parents are all there and I’m not actually babysitting them makes me even happier.

We had tons of food, goodies for the kids (I wish you could see them all in their monkey hats, but you know me and posting pictures of actual faces), kites that didn’t really come with enough string to fly properly, a talent show, and the balloons.  I hope everyone had fun.

I wish the sky had been sunny and clear today, and I wish the kids would have all been standing closer together when they let the balloons go, since that would have made a much better picture (blue background, more balloons in the frame), but that’s o.k.

Let me tell you about the balloons.  They were decorations with a purpose.

There is this really wonderful book called I Wish For You a Beautiful Life: Letters from the Korean Birth Mothers of Ae Ran Won to Their Children.  It is, as the title suggests, a compilation of letters that Korean birth mothers wrote to their children after choosing adoption for them.  It is very touching.

For our Lunar New Year party a few months back I re-read that book and made an extensive list of the wishes those mothers made for their children.  Then I narrowed down the wishes, combined some, tried to leave the wording as the mothers had written it, and came up with this:

I cannot see nor touch you, my dear baby,
     So I call your name quietly in my heart . . .

I wish for you
     To love and be loved by your family

I wish for you
     Healthy thoughts and a heart that cares for others

I wish for you
     To eat well, sleep well, and play well

I wish for you
     A proper sense of values and a positive attitude

I wish for you
     Health, strength, and a bright future

I wish for you
     An equal chance

I wish for you
     To be strong and respectable, to be a trustworthy person

I wish for you
     A beautiful life, with a beautiful face, and a beautiful heart

We read this as we lit candles in remembrance of our children’s birth mothers. 

Today I had it printed on cards that also said, “If you find this, please:”  Each family then filled in the rest of the card.  On the adopted children’s cards, many asked for prayers for the birth mother.  On the other cards the requests varied:

Please say a prayer for all of the birth moms who have placed their children for adoption.
Please say a prayer for all of the children waiting to find a home.
Please say a prayer for my grandma.

Each card was tied to a balloon and then the children stood in the middle of the back yard and let the balloons go.  I know, it’s probably not the most environmentally friendly thing to do, but it was nice to see those special wishes for those special people rising heavenward.

Though not all of them made it.  Let’s just say my sycamore tree now has some praying to do.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello, and he’s going to send a balloon up for you.

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