Blogger Dinner

May 29

Blogger Dinner

It was great to meet everyone Friday night.  I got to meet Jenn, Nicole, Mia’s Mommy, Nicki, and Law Mommy, as well as all of the spouses and children who were there.  The kids were all so cute and fun to watch, and it was so neat that Khinly and Mia (who lived together in Vietnam) got to see each other again.  Tank Boy has two foster “brothers” with whom we keep in contact, and I really appreciate that connection to his past even though he was too young when they were separated to remember anything.

Was it just me or did the husbands mostly look like they needed “She Blogs, Therefore I’m Here” t-shirts?  Hmmm . . . something to add to my Cafe Press store when I get the time.  Anyway, a big thanks to all of the supportive, non-blogging husbands who came.  Just for the record, McH never once said anything about not wanting to go, but I know he’s not a big fan of Asian food and, though he reads some of the blogs, he’s not a girl.  Girls drive forever to meet people they don’t know.  I don’t think most guys do.

So, I didn’t totally freeze up, but I didn’t get to visit as much as I’d hoped.  Part of that was due to me somewhat freezing, and part of that was due to the fact that I have four children.  A~ and L~ were good as gold (though A~ made every disgusted face in her arsenal of disgusted faces as she read through the menu and faced her eventual meal).  Midge did really well, too, except for the time she screamed and cried for a reason I now can’t remember.  Straw up the nose, maybe?  Something like that, anyway.  Tank Boy, well, was what he is when there are tons of people he doesn’t know in a strange environment.

We sat at one of those tables where there is booth seating on one side and then the opposite side has chairs.  The two oldest girls, Tank Boy, and I sat on the booth side.  McH and Midge sat across from us in the chairs.  Tank Boy spent most of the time trying to climb up the back of the booth and over to the other side where, hopefully, the hostess didn’t seat any body.  He almost made it once.  At one point, while Midge was screaming, he about got one leg all the way over.  I know some of you who were there were thinking “And she wants another one?!?”

Despite what the picky eaters in my family thought, the food was very good.  We had the street noodles (minus the nuts and egg), the crispy pan-fried noodles (again, minus nuts and eggs), the beef fried rice, the summer rolls, and the chicken wing appetizer.  Yum!

The chicken wings were actually A~’s dinner.  She was disappointed that they had sauce on them.  Obviously the girl has never actually had chicken wings before if she thinks they come without sauce.  That is my fault.  I never take them to wing places (imagine!) and I only cook boneless, skinless breasts at home.  Yes, yes, just two generations ago my family was all chopping off heads and plucking out feathers and here I am, nose all up in the air and grossed out by anything more than a boneless, skinless chicken breast.

So I didn’t get to taste the wings, nor did I get to taste the fried rice (that was McH’s).  The summer rolls, however, wound up being all mine; and they were great!  Both noodle dishes were also incredible, though I only got one shrimp from each and Tank Boy, Midge, and L~ got all the rest.  At least I got a lot of noodles.

Then there was the special dessert.  Please.  Why are you all making me be the first to blog about the dessert?  I should have taken a picture of it.  But I didn’t.  I did get a picture of the pan fried noodles while the girls were in the bathroom:







But I didn’t get a picture of the dessert.  It was scarier than Blue Barb, to be quite honest.  All I have to say is, if ever you are offered a Vietnamese dessert involving black gelatin, palm seeds, and cream: Just Say No.  There is a secret ingredient about which they are not telling you.  I’m not sure what it is, because they didn’t tell us about it.  It is nasty.  Also, erase whatever picture of a Jell-O and fruit parfait topped with whipped cream you have going on in your head there.  Instead, imagine it looking like milky coffee with chunks of Jell-O, some kind of fruit, and lots of ice all floating around together in a glass.  Then imagine yourself gagging.  Then you’ve got it.

McH swears some of the other husbands were ordering it for their wives just to spite them for being dragged to the dinner.  Not that he minded being there, of course.

No, seriously, we had a good time and I’m so glad we got to be there and meet you all, even if we didn’t get to visit A Whole Lot.  I wish we could have gone to the festival the next day and had the chance to hang out with everyone more, but I’m glad we instead got to spend time with McH’s mother before she moves Way Far Away. 

Next year.  Next year we will make it to the Asian Festival.  By next year we should have number 5, and we will make it to the Asian Festival.  And, if my fifth child can be as easygoing as Jenn’s twins are combined, we will even brave another blogger dinner.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says to stay away from special deserts involving black gelatin.

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