Holy Heck

May 30

Holy Heck

While we were visiting the Pretty People this weekend, one of their cousins showed my girls this video:


It is rather entertaining and, unfortunately, catchy.  Gah!!!

Anyway, today they were gleefully sharing this bit of internet entertainment with their friends from next door.  When it was over they showed their friends another You Tube video which I had only partly watched and only partly listened to earlier.  It was another Harry Potter spoof done with Legos.  After that, I think they may have watched something else.  I’m not sure because, at that point, I had left the room to search for the library dvd of The Wiggles that had to be back before 5 p.m.

I found the video, came back in to the family room, and told them we needed to go to the library and their friends would have to go home.  At that point there was much sighing and looking dejected and asking if they could just stay here while I took the little kids to return the video because, after all, the library isn’t that far away.  So I told them to run next door and see if The Neighbor would mind having all of the girls play in that back yard while I did the library run.

“But wait just a second,” A~ began.  “We want to finish this.”

“No,” I said.  “I’m in a hurry.  Shut the computer off now or come with me to the library.”

“But . . .”

“No!  Go next door right. Now. or you don’t get to play with your friends.”

So out the door they scampered while I was tidying up Tank Boy who didn’t bother telling me he needed to go potty before stinking up his pull up and my entire house.

I finished my task just in time to hear St. Bernard and Road Kill Dog barking like crazed . . . ummmm . . .  well . . . crazed dogs.  I quickly realized that Houdini the Great Escape Dog scampered out the back door with the girls and stealthily jumped the fence.

I looked out the back window and saw the girls talking obliviously to The Neighbor at her back door.  I went out front to see if Houdini was anywhere in sight.  He wasn’t.  I talked to The Other Neighbor who hadn’t seen Houdini today (though he brought him back yesterday) but wished me luck on finding the dog and teaching the kids NOT TO LET THE DOG OUT.

I went back inside, figuring the kids had returned and were wondering where I was, but no.  They were not there.  I looked out the back window and they were still there, talking into The Neighbor’s back door, and I thought, “Geeze, that’s a lot of wasted air conditioning going on over there.  And why the heck haven’t the kids come over to let me know what’s going on.  They know I’m in a hurry.”

So I started to walk across the back yard with Tank Boy (o.k., so The Neighbor doesn’t live next door as much as behind us).  All five girls (my three, their two) were talking animatedly at the door and, because I heard giggling and words like “Severus” and “Snape,” I realized they were recounting some of their You Tube adventures.  I was just about to the gate when I heard a chorus of little girls’ voices, from ages four to almost ten, sing-song in loud unison:

“Then who the hell am I?”

Freeze.  Well, not really.  I didn’t have time to freeze.  Did I actually just hear that?  I got close enough to The Neighbor’s back door to see her popping her eyes back into her head, and I knew, yes, I did just hear that.

“Ummm . . . did I just hear what I think I heard?” I asked.

“Ummm . . . Yeah.  I was a little shocked there,” The Neighbor said.

“Girls?  What was that from?”  I asked.

“The You Tube video with the Legos,” they said.


No, I am not crying in a puddle because my girls said the word hell (I’m not crying at all); but I really didn’t want to be the neighborhood house of ill repute, you know?  I didn’t want the neighborhood kids (who by the way, GO to school) learn how to swear at my house.  Why hadn’t they picked this up at school and already had their mouths washed out with soap over it?  (Yes, The Neighbors use soap for infractions of the mouth; though I believe, like me, they saw this as an innocent mistake and let it go with just an explanation of why they probably shouldn’t repeat that again). 

And, no, I do not live in Utah.

Once I explained it to them, L~ was a bit shocked and apologetic, maybe a little proud that she said a “swear word” with a free pass.  A~ was devastated and in tears because she had done Something Wrong, and because her short-lived free reign on You Tube came to a quick end.  Midge was too busy chanting, “Snape.  Snape.  Severus Snape,” to have a clue about anything I was saying.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt would very much like to know where the hell heck you are.

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