As Seen On My Blog

June 12

As Seen On My Blog

A couple of weeks ago McH and I ordered this mattress topper.  It arrived rather quickly and I immediately noticed a difference in my sleep.  No tossing and turning to find a new, more comfortable position in the middle of the night.  No lower back pain upon awaking in the morning.  It’s been years since I’ve woken up without an aching back.  Actually, on mornings I could be sleeping in, I haven’t been able to because the back pain would wake me up.

But with the new mattress topper?  Pure, sleeping bliss.  For about three nights.  Then, suddenly, night after night, I found myself waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  What the heck?  That wasn’t happening even prior to the new mattress topper.

Then I realized, though my efforts to eat a healthy nighttime snack are laudable, I really should forego the watermelon.  Problem solved.

Seriously, should you decide that you, too, want said mattress topper, order the biggest size they have, even if your bed is smaller.  First, they run small.  Second, you can cut off any excess and make pillows or chair cushions.  Third, they are all the same price, regardless of the size you order.

While I am endorsing products on my blog, let me just give you a report about Frownies, which I referred to in a post many months ago.  After using them for a while now, I must say:  They Are Great.  There is just one catch:  You Have To Actually Use Them.  Yes, much like the treadmill does nothing for your fitness level if you only use it as a place to hang laundry, the Frownies do nothing for your wrinkles if you only use them to clutter up your vanity.  People, I am telling you, you must use them for full efficacy and, if you do, you will see a difference.

Having said that, I like the ones for battling forehead lines and the furrows between the eyebrows (which, you may recall, is why I ordered them to begin with).  I also ordered the ones for crow’s feet and “smile lines” around the mouth.  Those I found to be distracting.  As in, they distract me from my ability to sleep.  The pads around the eyes aren’t as bad; but the ones around the mouth really keep me awake.  So I don’t use them.

Also ladies, if you’re tired of (and I’m not saying you are, but IF you’re tired of) well, you know . . . if you’re just tired, and you don’t want to use the old headache excuse, just slap these puppies all over your face before you crawl into bed and I promise, whoever he is, he won’t bother you.

Another product I have found that seems to be working well for the crow’s feet is this.  No discomfort involved.  On the downside, it will not deter unwanted amorous advances.  Unless you jab him in the eyes with it.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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