Meme Theft

June 26

Meme Theft

I, along with others, stole this meme from Law Mommy.  It’s funny.  Really.  Just try it.  Do a Google search with your first name followed by the word needs.  So my search was “E. needs.”  Except, of course, I used my entire first name, not just my initial.  Here were my results:

1.   E. needs an e.  (So, should I just start going by e.e. and writing poetry?)
2.   E. needs to spend time undergoing complex treatment.  (Hmm . . . massage therapy maybe.)
3.   E. needs to transfer logins among SQL server machines.  (Really, I’ll leave that to McH).
4.   E. needs a copy of her 1977 edition of “Keys to Chemistry” textbook.  (I was a rather advanced seven-year-old.)
5.   E. needs your vote.  (I’m not sure for what.)

Maybe tomorrow I’ll tackle the thoughts I’ve been thinking since reading this post.

Also, there are still spaces on my photo blog “allowed list” at WordPress if you’re interested.  Don’t be shy.  Just let me know.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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