July 02


My blog is in dire need of something more visually stimulating than my words.  No, I don’t have any beautiful nature photos like you’ll find today over on Mrs. Broccoli Guy, and Blue Barb hasn’t been up to much lately (imagine, the weather gets nice so I stop playing with dolls), but at least it’s something (though it turned out rather bland):


If you enter my referral pool and win, then I will send you one of these bracelets (you choose), or I will make one for you that includes the lovely blue fimo clay dragonfly you see in the center.  One warning about the little blue buzzer: the wings come off if given the slightest tug by a robust two-year-old.  All bracelets feature Asian jade beads or chips and the translucent white beads/chips (for the life of me I can’t remember what they are called) which allow one to see the red stretchy “thread” holding everything together.  Each bracelet has a ladybug for luck and the one on the lower left has little gold dragonflies.  I can also make it with silver if you’d prefer.

If, by some chance, anyone would be interested in purchasing a bracelet, just email me.  I haven’t really thought much about pricing, but I’m thinking $10.00 for ones without the metallic dragonflies and an additional $.40 per metallic dragonfly bead.  That price would include shipping if you’re in the lower 48.  Anywhere else and I’d have to check rates to see.

Also, I still have more room to add readers to my WordPress blog.

Well, that’s pretty much it, I suppose.

Oh, except for this:  my plan to get caffeinated at the concert Friday night was thwarted by the fact that they only had diet Pepsi and diet Mountain Dew.  Seriously, if they are going to make you shake out your blankets (it’s an outdoor venue) and check your purse to make sure you’re not bringing in your own refreshments and/or firearms, then the least they can do is offer a decent non-alcoholic beverage selection (though I’m glad they don’t offer firearms).  And I totally get that Pepsi is one of this year’s concert season sponsors, but diet Dr. Pepper (in any flavor) is a freaking Pepsi product!  I’m just saying.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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