Fat Cat

July 03

Fat Cat

Though logically I know this isn’t really how I look, I must say I have been feeling like this is how I look:






*  Are you expecting Blue Barb?  Hee hee!






When we found this cat wandering helplessly in the wild (my parents’ back yard) she was so tiny she fit comfortably into the palm of my hand.  Well, except for the little claws she couldn’t retract . . . those weren’t comfortable.  She has the bone structure to still be a tiny cat, as you may be able to tell from her tiny head, but obviously not the body.

Without being a slave to the scale I can always tell when I’ve let myself gain too much weight.  Not only do my clothes stop fitting comfortably, but my head looks to small for my body.  Now, I’m sure this is one of those things that only I notice and anyone who knows me in real life is thinking I’m crazy, but it is what I use to gauge when I’ve really let things get too far out of hand, and lately I’ve been feeling like the cat: little head on not-so-little body.

So two weeks ago I started exercising.  I mean, I was hitting the treadmill three or four times a week, but I started adding 30-45 minutes of various exercise videos 4-5 days a week.  It’s hard, with four kids, to find the alone time to do that, but I truly love the feeling of sore muscles the next day.  Does that make me weird?

Anywhoo . . . I’ve been switching back a forth between Core Secrets videos and an old Cindy Crawford exercise video I got back in the early ’90s.  Cindy Crawford kills me, but I like the other ones o.k.  They make me work just enough to be a bit sore the next day, but not so much that I want to put out a hit on Gunnar Peterson.  But I want more variety, so I’m turning to all of you to ask for suggestions.

What exercise videos would you suggest?

I know there is Hip Hop Abs, but I think I’m a little too white and nerdy for that one.  There is also some very expensive 90-day program on video that looks good, but expensive.  Then, of course, there is always Daisy Fuentes singing the siren song of Windsor Pilates.  I have been mesmerized by those info-mercials during times of high fever, but I have never bought the videos.  I did buy a Giam pilates video once.  What was the marketing slogan for that one?  “Boring your body one muscle group at a time”?  I know, not very Zen of me.

So, like I was saying: variety.  I would especially be interested in hearing about any kind of dance workout videos if anyone knows of any (but probably not Hip Hop Abs, unless you think it really is great).

On the sugar free front:  I’ve been eating nothing but fruits and vegetables with very, very, moderate amounts of protein and whole grain for three days now.  I’ve lost 4.5 lbs.  

Also, if you have a Trader Joe’s nearby (and I truly weep for you if you don’t) may I suggest the Rambutan.  It is a fruit from Thailand that comes freeze dried.  When I feel like I absolutely must have a sugar fix, this works nicely.  The flavor is a bit different at first, but then it grows on you.  Especially if you aren’t eating sugary snacks.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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