Sunday Sampler

July 08

Sunday Sampler

1.  Happy 40th anniversary to my parents today!

2.  I am all for being wise and responsible stewards over the earth and its natural resources, but would   somebody like to explain to me the justification for the gigantic environmental footprint everyone involved with the Live Earth concerts just stomped into our planet yesterday?  Anyone?  Between the jet fuel and diesel fuel used to get everyone and all of their equipment where they needed to go (according to a Parade Magazine interview today it takes Brad Paisley 5 buses and 8 semi trucks worth ‘o gear to put on a concert, and that’s just ONE performer (not that he was involved in Live Earth, though, because I really don’t know who all was)), the fuel used to ship special recycling bins into and out of the venues, and the electricity used to both put on and broadcast the whole shebang . . . well, it’s just a little hypocritical for them to all be telling us to cut back.  You know what I mean?  They could have brought power to a few villages for several years, probably, with the resources that were used yesterday.

3.  During church today, A~ was quietly reading the hymnbook.  L~ decided she would like a turn, but A~ wouldn’t give it up.  Being a kind and loving sister, L~ did what any kind an loving sister would do in that situation: resorted to blackmail.  “If you don’t let me have a turn with the hymnbook, I’m going to tell all of your friends at church that you watch Barney!”  A~, by the way, does not watch Barney; but this is blackmail, so the truth doesn’t really matter, does it?

4.  When looking in on Tank Boy taking his nap today, McH found him sleeping on his back, one leg bent at the knee with foot flat on the mattress, the other leg bent at roughly 90 degrees and crossed over the first leg.  I went to take a picture of it, but he switched positions before I could.  Who cares?  You wonder.  I do.  I care because I sleep this way sometimes (much to McH’s dismay, I’m sure).  As far as I can tell, I sleep this way because my father sleeps this way, and he sleeps that way because his father slept that way.  Tank Boy is named after his father.  Now, even though I can’t tell him who he looks like, I can tell him that he sleeps like his mother, grandfather, and great-grandfather.

5.  And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello!

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