PG-13 Miscellany

July 13

PG-13 Miscellany

Well, we’ve had a vomitoriam moratorium for over 24 hours now, but the youngest and the oldest have yet to up any chuck so I doubt our biohazard days are over.  Really, how long should one wait before one decides, “These two just aren’t going to get it, so I guess we can go out in public again!”?

Ahhh . . . public.  I haven’t been out in it since early Tuesday and I’m jonesin’ for a Target fix or something.  But I’m awfully tired and have had big, swollen glands on the back of my head/neck region, so I figure I’ve got whatever the kids have, just without the puking.

Also, thank you to those who expressed concern and sympathy after witnessing Blue Barb’s reaction to our anticipated referral time frame being a bit later.  Really, it’s o.k.  It’s just that she is an evil doll, and evil dolls tend to overreact to . . . well, everything.  On the up side, because she is an evil doll, she bounced right back from that self-inflicted disembowelment and has been torturing the American Girl dolls ever since.  You do know what American Girl dolls are, don’t you?  Oh my!  If you recently became a parent to a girl or are soon to be a parent to a girl, you must know about American Girl dolls.  I shall tell you all about them soon.  And I will tell you about how we made our girls pay half for their dolls, even though they were a Christmas present.  Yes!  But not today.

So, as far as the referral timeline being moved out a bit, well, not overly exciting, but also not earth-shatteringly horrific.  Our agency gives hard referrals, so, if it takes a couple more weeks to make sure it’s really hard (wow, if that doesn’t make them sound like Viagra candidates . . .) it’s all firmed up (geez, not much better) everything is set in stone, then so be it.  When we get our referral, I’d rather know that every I has been dotted and T has been crossed, you know what I mean?

In the meantime, I’m finally letting myself become cautiously optimistic.  Which means I’ve bought clothes.  Not a lot, but some.



I’m normally not a fan of snark on children’s clothing, but I really like the colors on the first onesie and I thought the saying on the second one seemed appropriate for an adopted baby who everyone will want to hold but won’t be allowed to hold for a while.

Also, I just like the Happy Bunny.  Again, not so much for kids, but for me.  Hence my mouse pad:


Although, in my case, it really should be, “that’s the little voices’ job,” since I generally have four little voices yammering politely telling me what they need at any given time.

While I’m posting pictures of clothes I should take a moment to tell you about my kids’ costumes for the Harry Potter party the other day.  A~ went as Lavender Brown, L~ went as Hermione, and Midge was going to go as Winky the house elf.  Pictures are on the other blog.  Tank Boy, however, was a bit of a challenge.  What do you put on a two-year-old for a Harry Potter party?  Well, here is what I finally decided on:

mysister Chang 

Yes, if you didn’t already think I was politically incorrect, now you know.  I sent my Korean-born son to a Harry Potter party as Cho Chang’s little brother.  For the record, it was quite the hit.  People kept asking McH where I got the shirt (I made it — there’s nothing I can’t do with my laptop, printer, and some iron-on transfer paper).

You also now know that I don’t iron clothes unless absolutely necessary, and I don’t consider being published on the internet for the whole world to see as being in the absolutely necessary category.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello!

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