Eleven Years Ago Today

I married McH.  Here is proof.


I absolutely hated that veil, but my mother made it (even though I begged her not to), so I wore it for the photos.  It looks like a wad of toilet paper on my head.  Gah!  McH looks like he’s about 16 here, but I promise he was 21 when we got married.


We found one pair of sunglasses on the ground and borrowed the other pair from a member of the wedding party and just got goofy.  This is my all time favorite photo from that day.  These photos were taken outside of the art institute right next door to the reception site.  My dream reception would have actually been in the art institute, but at least I got the perfect man.

Don’t you just love the “antique” and “nostalgic” quality of scanned photos?

One thought on “Eleven Years Ago Today

  1. mom

    Great photos, we share an anniversary (though it is 9 years for us.) Doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago, but I too have to scan photos of that blazing hot day. And hey, 21 isn’t bad. We were 19 and 21, so don’t sweat it! (Now, if my kids go trying to get married at 18 or 19, I think I’ll have a fit…my poor parents!) I had my dress out the other day for the girls to see. Perhaps I’ll slip it on them and take some photos just for fun. I doubt they will want it when they get married, might as well get some use out of it now!


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