Don’t You Hate It When . . .

August 02

As you are writing a blog post you realize you have misspelled a word or two, or three, but you don’t worry about it because you know you will go back and fix it once you’ve gotten all your ideas out.  And, you know, you have to get everything out before it escapes you, so editing can come later.

Then the potty training two-year-old pees all over a kitchen chair, so you get distracted.

Once you finish cleaning up the big mess you come back and hastily finish writing because you have to leave in 15 minutes.  In your haste you forget that you had that word or two, or three, that you were going to go back and fix, and so you publish the post and then go about your life.

Then, at 4 a.m., the four-year-old wakes you up because there are bugs in her room getting on her (sure there are) and, as you are trying, trying, trying to get back to sleep you suddenly remember that glaring misspelling that you inadvertently published to your blog for the whole world to see.  So, of course, you must get out of bed and fix it before a member of your family, aka The English Language Police, calls or emails to point out your mistake.  Because, you know, heaven forbid they should call or email just to tell you something you’ve written is entertaining or something.

Don’t you just hate it?

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says to go back to bed.

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