Gender Selection Survey

October 03

Gender Selection Survey

Today is the first day in I don’t know how long that I think I’m going to actually have some time to just sit on my bum in front of the computer for an undetermined amount of time.

I thought I’d start this day of being an office chair potato by giving you an update on how the gender selection survey seems to be shaping up:

Not much shape, actually.

I have received several responses, both via comments and email, but several, obviously, wouldn’t be enough for any kind of valid survey.  I’ll keep collecting responses and see where we are around Oct. 20th, at which point I’ll decide to continue or to just scrap it.

Here are the survey questions again:

1.  Did you request a specific gender in your adoption?  (If no, you’re done — thanks for your time).
2.  Which gender did you select?
3.  Why did you decide to request the gender you selected?  (if more than one reason, please list them in descending order of importance, with the first being the most important or influential reason for your decision).
4.  Why did you decide to exclude the other gender as a possibility? (again, if more than one answer, list them in descending order). 

Just cut and paste and answer them in the comments section or via email (top left column).  Remember, honesty and brevity are key.

I know many of you are probably wondering about question #4 and thinking it is redundant, but I don’t think it is.  I believe sometimes people will think about why they picked one gender, but not about why they didn’t pick the other.  Sometimes the answers are the same: we already had a girl, so we wanted a boy/we didn’t want a girl because we already had a boy.  But other times, I suspect, if people are really honest with themselves, the answers could be different :  I’ve always wanted a girl to do “girl things” with/I don’t want a boy because boys are more hyper and get dirty a lot. 

I just made those examples up, but hopefully that clarifies why I’ve included question #4.

Thank you to everyone who has responded thus far.  If you want your answers to be part of anything even slightly enlightening, I’d ask you to encourage others to participate as well.

Now I’m off to visit your blogs, and I even have time to leave comments!

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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