Dear Windows Live Spaces Team

October 10

Dear Windows Live Spaces Team

I have been dinking around a bit this morning with my WordPress blog.  I am seriously considering moving myself over there on a more full time basis and just password protecting the posts I’m not wanting to share with the entire freaking internet.

But really, I’d rather not.  Aside from the fact that I will have to manually copy and paste each post from here to there, and aside from the fact that I will probably have to pay for more space in order to post more pictures over there, I just hate change.

Those who know me will attest to this.  I hate change.

Because of these factors, I would really like to stay here at Windows Live Spaces, where I know what I am doing and things are comfy and familiar.  Here are my requests to the Spaces Team gods (see, I’m really trying to suck up nicely to you folks): 

Please make it so that people can post comments without having to have a Windows Live account.  Lovely as Windows Live may be, not everyone wants an account.  It just entails another user name and password to remember, and all of our brains are overstuffed with user names and passwords at the moment.  Sure, make them sign in with a name and email account, but not a Windows Live account.  ‘K?

Make it so that I we can password protect individual posts. 

Really, in the past year+ that I have been blogging here, you guys and gals have made phenomenal improvements to my blogging home.  Phenomenal!

Now, just keep up the good work, make the two changes I’m requesting, and Blue Barb and I will never mention WordPress again.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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