For Posterity

October 21

For Posterity

Tank Boy’s new favorite candy is officially “Reese’s break into Pieces” so I hope he gets a lot for Halloween.


I work with the youth at our church and, one Sunday a month, we have everybody with a birthday that month come to the front (during the opening of the young women’s meeting) before we split into classes so we can sing some version of happy birthday to them.  Today I, along with half a dozen other girls and leaders (because, apparently, January is the month for getting busy), got to stand in front of everybody like a dork to be serenaded.

Now, in our church, we have several different “happy birthday” songs which the children learn during their primary years.  Because of this, which “happy birthday” song you get is pretty much a crap shoot.  Today when we were all standing up there like dorks and the young woman conducting the meeting said, “Which song do you want?” a 17-year-old quickly piped up, “You’ve had a birthday!”

That song goes like this (go here for the tune — press the play arrow, top left):

You’ve had a birthday,
Shout Hoo-ray!
We want to sing to you today.
One year older and wiser, too,
Happy Birthday, to you!

I leaned over to said 17-year-old and explained that when one gets to a certain age, one no longer wants to shout hooray.  One just wants to sit in a corner and weep silently.

Here is my version of the song, the version I think they should start singing in Relief Society:

You’ve had a birthday,
Cry boo-hoo!
Now you can tell us what old folks do!
Wrinkly and saggy and vein-y, too,
Happy Birthday, to you!

And George, if you’re out there, Reese’s break into Pieces are very good.

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