Gender Selection Survey

Gender Selection Survey

Ever wonder why so many more prospective adoptive parents choose to adopt girls rather than boys?  Me too.  Help us all figure it out by answering these questions:

1.  Did you request a specific gender in your adoption?  (If no, you’re done — thanks for your time).
2.  Which gender did you select?
3.  Why did you decide to request the gender you selected?  (if more than one reason, please list them in descending order of importance, with the first being the most important or influential reason for your decision).
4.  Why did you decide to exclude the other gender as a possibility? (again, if more than one answer, list them in descending order).

Cut and paste the above questions and answer them via the comments section or E. mail (upper right hand of the blog here).

I will periodically post the most current results of the survey.


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