Just a Quickie

October 23

Just a Quickie

I will post the results of the gender selection survey later this week.  I know I said I was going to scrap the survey if there weren’t many responses by Oct. 20th.  Well, I think I got more than 20 but less than 25, maybe, which really isn’t many.  However, rather than scrap the whole thing, I am going to keep taking responses and will just give you all updates as more responses come in (maybe like with every 5 or 10 new responses). 

So, if you haven’t answered the questions yet, do it now and you’ll be included in the results I post this week.  I re-posted the questions about 5 minutes ago, so they are in the post right under this one.  I will hyperlink that post in my “New Here? Read:” section.

Speaking of hyperlinking, if you don’t know what ChildVision is, then read this.

And have you all heard?  Apparently UCIS is changing the I600 filing procedures for Vietnam adoptions as of Monday, Oct. 29.  Wonder if this will delay our travel?  Suck.  Maybe.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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