IRL Has Taken Over

And it feels good, though it has put me behind on my NaNo novel.

In the past week I have been in the newspaper, on the radio, gone to the circus, braved Black Friday, gotten a Christmas tree and, of course, celebrated Thanksgiving, at which time I also learned how to play Guitar Hero, which is really, really cool.  So, what do you want to hear about first?

Guitar hero?  I thought so.  Well, I sucked rocks compared to my bother and his kids, but that is to be expected since it is their game system and they’ve had a little more practice.  It was, however, wildly fun, and would have been even more so had I not spent most of the day trying to get rid of a headache (which luckily was not of the migraine variety).  Anyway, I just need to practice up and then lose fifteen or twenty pounds so that I can fit back into those old red, pleather pants (don’t ask — I really don’t know why I ever bought them), and then I’ll really rock.

Oh, Black Friday?  Okay, I’ll fill you in there.  I got up at 4:00 a.m. so that I could go get in line to buy my husband a combo birthday/Christmas gift that went on sale at 5:00 a.m.  Luckily I had no problems getting it, didn’t even have to wait in line outside since the store is open 24 hours anyway, and McH is now the proud owner of a 37 inch flat panel HD TV.  I know, I know, some of you are thinking, “Thirty-seven inches, big whoop,” but for him it is.  The largest t.v. we have ever owned in our 11 years of marriage is a 27 inch screen that we got when my grandfather died and nobody else wanted his t.v.  The previous television was a 25 inch screen that my mother-in-law and one of my sisters-in-law got for McH as a graduation present when he got his bachelor’s degree six or seven years ago.  They insisted on getting him that because, up until then, and I am not kidding here, we just had a 13 inch screen that came with him when I married him.  So, you know, a 37 inch flat panel that can be hung from the wall, well, he’s finally feeling like a real man.

The circus?  Well, it was the circus, and the kids had a great time, even though we wouldn’t buy them any $20 souvenir spinning light thingies.  We also wouldn’t buy the $8 lemonade because, dude, I just spent all our money on a television set.

What?  Oh, you’re really wanting to know what’s with me and all the media attention?  Well, okay, but it’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds.  And no, I didn’t murder anyone either.  Geesh!  You people.

It’s like this:  my sister works with the 12-18 year-old-girls in her ward (congregation) and she had been trying to come up with a service project they could do.  Hearing that there weren’t a lot of baby toys in Quinn’s orphanage, and knowing that internationally adopted children often go to their new families with no familiar comfort objects from their “previous” life, she came up with this idea:



I mean, she didn’t invent them or anything, but she found the pattern and got her congregation to donate tons of fabric, and now she and the girls (with a lot of help from our mother and very minimal help from me) have been making these.  When McH and my mother finally get to go to Vietnam to pick up Quinn, they will squash as many of these things into their suitcases as they can to give to the children at the orphanage.  Our hope is that the children will be allowed to keep their own blankie buddy so that they will have a familiar comfort item to take with them no matter where life takes them.  I just remember how sad it was when Tank Boy came home from Korea with nothing but the clothes on his back and a bottle.  He was terrified and had nothing familiar (even though we’d sent a blanket to him while he was in foster care).

This picture shows four of them (obviously) but they have made about 20 so far.  There are other animals, too:  frogs, elephants, moose, sheep (that was my minimal help to date — I cut out the heads for two sheep — and yes, I cut them out not off, nobody is decapitating stuffed animals), and I think hippos and cats.  They have made more than they probably can take, and they have the fabric to make many more.  They are going to keep making them until they run out of fabric, and whatever they can’t take I’ll send over with other families from our agency who want to take them.

So, anyway, we made the front page of one of the local dailies.  Actually, the picture was of my mother and all of my kids and my sister’s kids, but the article quoted me and my sister.  One of the local radio personalities at a very small local radio station saw the article and invited us in for a half hour or so.  We got to talk about Blankie Buddies and domestic (my sister) and international (me) adoption.  The radio host asked brilliant questions, such as “So, would you recommend adoption to others?” and I made sparkling, witty comments such as, “It’s not like going to McDonalds and ordering a hamburger, you can’t just say ‘I want a child like this and this, but not that’.”  I’m sure all of 20 people actually heard the show, but it was fun anyway.

Now I must go get the Christmas tree decorating under way before my children explode, or mutiny, or something.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says happy belated Thanksgiving.

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