Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

October 25

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I know I am not the only one currently experiencing adoption angst.  I know many are being affected by the changes in the I600 procedures.  I know many others are dealing with the stress of slow referrals, unexpected paperwork delays and hunting down notaries.

I think we should all get together by region.  You know, just big group hug, girl talk kind of stuff that involves copious amounts of chocolate and possibly Kleenex.

If you are interested in heading up a chapter of AARG . . . What’s that?  “What’s AARG,” you ask?

You know . . . well . . .  in addition to being a sound of frustration, it stands for Adoption Angst Regional Gathering.  Well, no, of course you didn’t know.  I just made it up.

So, anyway, if you are interested in heading up a chapter of AARG, then go for it.  Nobody is stopping you.

If I organize a meeting it will be in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Because the whole danged town smells like chocolate.  It’s worth the drive.

And George, if you’re out there, hold on a minute.  First I have to thank everyone for all the support after my rant yesterday.  I hope everyone is right and the 60 day timeframe won’t apply to every case.  Thanks to all who left comments and sent emails.  Sometimes misery loves company because the company can empathize.

O.K. George, Tewt the Newt is in the mood to talk again.

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