Adoption, Adoption, Adoption . . . Grr!

November 05

Adoption, Adoption, Adoption . . . Grr!

Like there is nothing else going on in the world?  Like there is nobody else that woman could be blogging about?  I600 changes, pictures of pieces of some baby, gender selection surveys.  Who cares?!?

I am so #^@*@!!!  sick of all this.  Haven’t you noticed something has been missing around this blog?  Something REALLY important?












Namely, me!

BB blogging


I’m taking over around here.  You got something to say about it?  Say it to the Barb, you whiny adoption-centered nincom . . .









Whew!  Sorry about that, folks, but can you believe the nerve of that nasty little doll?  I apologize for the violence there, but she was trying to hijack my blog, you know?!?!  The things I deal with around here.

You would think she could put that knife to good use, especially considering Halloween was last week and all, but no . . .

blue barb pumpkin

She didn’t carve any pumpkins and we couldn’t carve any pumpkins.  I swear.  You give a doll lodging and love, and this is what you get in return?

Well, anyway, things are ok around here, other than the attempted coup you just witnessed, of course.

I didn’t NaNo at all yesterday.  Only four days in and I was already bored to tears by what I was writing.  I’ll either force myself to soldier on tonight, or I’ll try scrapping the whole thing and starting over.

Maybe a children’s novel about an evil doll?

I suppose writing a whole novel about her goes against my firmly held resolution to never negotiate with terrorists, but dang!  My blog is at stake!

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the New says hello.

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