In the News, What?

November 08

In the News, What?

Well, I did it.  I scrapped my NaNoWriMo novel and started over with Blue Barb as my main character.  Actually, now that I think about it, I may  be the main character since it’s all told from my point of view.  Anyway, it’s much more fun to write and I’m on track now.  I had McH and the older two girls read it yesterday to give me some feedback.  Yes, I finally confessed to my kids what I have been doing with the doll.  They think it is funny, though L~ doesn’t understand why I would joke about such an obviously cute, sweet doll being evil and ugly.  So, McH read what I’ve written so far and just kinda went “Humph.”  The girls read it and laughed maniacally, so I’m hitting my target audience I guess.

I watched part of the CMAs last night.  Is it just me, or was Kenny Chesney wearing Vince Gill’s pants?  And maybe his shirt, too?  I was glad to see Brad Paisley win male vocalist of the year.  Anybody who can write a song about ticks that people actually want to listen to deserves an award.  And kudos to Kenney Chesney for winning entertainer of the year, though I can’t help but wonder if winning that award didn’t have something to do with him getting into Vince Gill’s pants.

Oops, there goes my mother, and most of my LDS readers, fainting on the floor.

My agency has stated that the rumor about Vietnam adoptions possibly stopping in March is false.  Here’s the scoop, as I’ve been told:  the bilateral agreement between the US and Vietnam expires in the summer of 2008.  The two countries will start working on the renewal process in March.  Our agency sent out an email to everyone in its Vietnam program yesterday saying that VN adoptions will NOT stop in March.  So, there’s that.

McH is back to work for the first day this week.  You may or may not remember I mentioned him having some back pain a few months ago, and then I laughed uproariously because the doctor or somebody told him it was the result of his glutes being too tight or something like that?  Anyway, it has been ongoing ever since, and this weekend the seized up muscles du jour decided to do their seizing up around his sciatic nerve, or something like that.  So, after prolonged charlie horses, cramped into unnatural positions toes, and finally numbness in his foot, he went to see a doctor.  A couple of them, actually.  That is why, I believe, he did not laugh uproariously at my Blue Barb novel.  All the muscle relaxants softened his brain.

Yesterday I found a pumpkin pie recipe that does not require eggs.  Score!  I also may or may not have scored a trampoline, complete with safety cage net thingy, for $35.  My mom wanted my dad to go bid on it for their yard, my dad did not want to.  The trampoline in question is round and he wants to get a square one.  I asked that somebody go bid in my place since I couldn’t make it to the auction.  My dad went and got it for that unbelievably low, low price.  Now we just have to figure out if he was bidding on my behalf or his own.  All I have to say about it one way or the other is, “Remember dad, Barnum and Bailey is in town on your birthday . . . Elephants, clowns, and circus peanuts all on me!”

I did not post Halloween pictures of my kids on my super secret WordPress blog.  I mean, how many times could you all possibly want to see my kids dressed up as Harry Potter characters.  Exactly.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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