Coming Out Part Two

Coming Out Part Two

Why am I blogging so much on the weekend?  I call it Major Avoidance Activity.  I should be working on my Blue Barb novel.  It is coming along nicely, but I’m kind of stuck right now and don’t know where to go next.

Anyway, my apologies to the gay and lesbian community for my title yesterday (and today, I guess, too).  If you were looking for some kind of support and found my blog instead, sorry, I’m just not what you’re looking for.

In yesterday’s post I said that our previous adoption agency violated state law by not informing us of the non-recurring adoption expenses reimbursement.  Maybe I was harsh.  The truth is, I later realized, I don’t know for a fact that they broke the law.  I am assuming this based on the fact that the agency sent us a form that was generated by the state’s department of children, job and family services.  The form had eight different things on it that could be checked off (one was the reimbursement) and a little section saying something to the effect of “my agency informed me of the above checked off things” and then a place for our signature.  When we received this form from the agency they had already done the appropriate and inappropriate checking off of items.  To my knowledge, the agency then had to send the completed form back to the state.  This is why I assume it was not fully legal.

On to another matter:  I have been thinking over this whole idea of not proudly proclaiming on my blog which agency I am currently using.  That decision was also made due to our previous adoption experience.  While we felt we had chosen a better agency this time around, we couldn’t know for sure until we’d actually worked with them.  I didn’t want to name them in case I felt the need to rant about them.  So far we have had nothing but positive experiences with them, and oh my word are they fantastic at the communications thing! 

I still, however, am not going to name them here (though if you’ve been reading for a while and you’re mildly observant, you have probably figured it out anyway).  I will name them when our adoption is complete.  Completely complete.  And then I will tell you everything I have to say about our agency.  That is just the way I feel comfortable doing it.  I am not hiding anything.  It is not an agency that has had any suspicion or doubt cast it’s direction.  It also wouldn’t do anyone any personal good for me to name them because they stopped accepting families for their Vietnam program months and months ago.

If you are interested in another country program (but not Guatemala, not right now anyway — they’ve stopped accepting families for that one, too) you can email me and I’ll gladly tell you which agency we are with (they have Brazil, India, Russia and China programs, in addition to a waiting child program).

One final thing:  If the Laryngitis Fairy had knocked on our door and gathered the family together  to cast secret ballots for whom she should infect, none of us would have voted for L~, but she’s got it.  Stupid Laryngitis Fairy.  Not that I wish any of my children ill, but I can think of two others who would have been much more logical candidates.  *Sigh*

And George, if you’re out there Tewt the Newt sure could use some help in the creativity department.

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