Why Does it Always Happen At Christmas?

November 24

Why Does it Always Happen At Christmas?

Granted, it’s not actually Christmas yet, but we were decorating the tree, and we opened this box and, well, I’ll explain it all later when I have more time, but why oh why do these things come in to my life at Christmas???????





















I’m thinking of naming her Terrifying Faye, but I’m open to suggestions.  And oh dear merciful heaven, this one sings!  I will have to post video.  On the up side, I think this will help me get over the writer’s block I’ve been experiencing with my Blue Barb novel.

Okay, two posts in one day is quite enough.  Make sure to read the one below if you haven’t already since it is about some good parts of this holiday season.  And then go pray for us.  We’ve managed with one evil doll, but I just don’t know what we’ll do with two.

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