A Password By Any Other Name . . .

. . . is still a password.

I guess I need to clarify my new blog security stuff.  See, the way it was before, when my primary blog was over on Spaces Live, I used this here WordPress blog just as a photo blog.  I didn’t password protect any of the photos because I had the whole blog locked down so that only those on my Super Special List could access the site at all.

Now, well now everybody and their dog can access my WordPress blog.  There is no longer a Super Special List.  Because of this, I am password protecting anything I feel the need or desire to password protect.  Before, if you were on the Super Secret List, it was the presence of your WordPress user name on said List that let you get here.  Now your user name just isn’t enough because, well, frankly, it isn’t relevant to the new system.  Now you need the password.  Sorry for the confusion this has apparently caused among those who were on the Super Special List.  You are still Super Special, I just don’t have you on a list any more.

So, I debated just going back through my emails and sending the password to everyone who had previously requested inclusion on the List, but I thought, “Hey, I don’t know exactly how many of those people are still following along and/or if they care to have the password,” so I opted not to do that.  If you are still following, if you do care to have the password, even if you weren’t on the Super Secret List before, just email me.  If we have emailed each other enough that you are relatively certain I already have your email address, just leave a comment requesting the password.  Otherwise, email me.  I’m sarcastic, not psychic.

Also, if I give you the password, please honor my trust and don’t share it with others, even if you know them from your adoption agency or they are your best-friends’ cousin’s mother-in-law.  I may be way overprotective of my identity and my children, and you may think I’m a total nut about it, but that is my choice so please respect it.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt would gladly give you the password.

7 thoughts on “A Password By Any Other Name . . .

  1. You know, I’ve read your “history” posts about George and have that much of a general idea of your goal…but if you’re ever searching for a blog topic and this seems appropriate, I’d love to learn more about your quest. I hope he gets the password soon.


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