You Are Cordially Invited

Remember when I said if I ever actually have an AARG (Adoption Angst Regional Gathering) meeting it would be in Hershey Pennsylvania because the whole town smells like chocolate?  Well, I lied.

We are meeting instead in Columbus, Ohio.

Oh, and by the way, I’m probably the only one calling it an AARG meeting.  Because, you know, sometimes I just crack myself up, inappropriate though it may or may not be.

Anyway, so far it’s me, Emilie, and Jenn.  Anybody else want to join us?  December 19th for lunch.  Around 12:30ish.  If you’re in the region, or not, and up for the trek either way, email me for the super-not-so-secret location (my email is on the right side of the blog — I double checked and it is, indeed, the right side).  And you don’t even have to be experiencing adoption angst, just adoption.

Blue Barb will be signing autographs and I’ll bring the chocolate.


6 thoughts on “You Are Cordially Invited

  1. Dang – I don’t think I can pull off the 12 hour drive though you KNOW I’d love to be there. If there becomes a call-in option let me know! And the name is awesome – don’t tweak it a bit. Maybe not so much for Jenn, but it seems way too appropriate for you and Emilie to tinker with. I’ll be with you in spirit!


  2. mom

    I hate to say it, but yes, the AARG continues post adoption…for me at least. Once you have been there, even a year after holding your little ones for the first time, you have an idea of what people are going through and it affects you. I sometimes find myself needing a few days away from blogs because the added delays you gals are going through right now gets to me. Delays stink, you know why, you know its for good, there is nothing you can do, it still STINKS!

    The twins will be along, hopefully they can lead a support session or at least provide comic relief. I should say, I hope they are on good behavior and not making you gals think either 1) why again am I adopting or 2) why again does she have twin toddlers in a restaurant! I don’t even dare hope they are angelic enough to make you gals think “THIS is why I’m going through all this!” I love my girls, but they are 16 months old, miracles happen though:)

    All kidding aside, they are really good in restaurants. I’m really looking forward to it and am glad to be included! Lets just hope we don’t have a load of snow to drive through.


  3. mom

    It’s me, Jenn…didn’t realize I was logged in as “mom” I need to figure out how to change that, if I can. Another day, another free moment.


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