Mormon Monday and a Merry Christmas

Since today is Christmas Eve and I am very (happily) busy, and it is Christmas Eve (I think I already mentioned that?) I’m just going to give you a link with some instructions, should you be interested.  If not, I’ll like you anyway.

One of our family Christmas Eve traditions is to listen to the CD of Walter Cronkite narrating the story One Silent Night.  We also have the book, so we follow along.  It is a profoundly touching World War I Christmas story and not only is it narrated by Walter Cronkite, but the Mormon Tabernacle Choir provides music to go along with it.  I can’t listen to it, or watch it, without being moved to tears.

And guess what?  If you don’t have the book and the accompanying CD?  You can watch it on the internet!  So, here is the link:

Now for the instructions:

When you go to that link, click on the Tune In Now button on the left side of the screen.  Once it takes you where you need to go, you will see two options: Windows Media Player and Move Networks.  Choose Move Networks (for the simple reason that it is like internet tivo and you can choose programs that have been on earlier in the day or on days before).  It will want to download something onto your computer which doesn’t take long and will not give you a virus, put you on a mailing list, or make 19-year-olds in suits come knocking on your door to share a message.  Once you are ready to rock and roll with Move Networks (ha!  I typed Newtworks accidentally) you will see a menu on the right side of the screen.  You can choose what day’s programming you want to view and you can grab the little arrow button and drag it up and down to scroll through everything and choose what you want.  How cool is that?

Now here are my viewing recommendations for Christmas Eve Mormon Monday:

1.  If you want something more doctrinal that will give you a good LDS perspective on Christmas then look for the program called First Presidency Christmas Devotional.  The first presidency consists of the the Prophet, or president of the church (kind of like the Pope, but in a normal suit) and his two counselors (like assistant Popes, if you will).

2.  If you don’t want anything particularly doctrinal from an LDS standpoint but want a really touching Christmas story with a famous broadcaster backed up by the legendary MoTab, look for One Silent Night.  I believe it isn’t on until 9:30 mountain time 11:30 eastern time) today, but you can probably find it on yesterday’s programming or the day before’s.  Really, it is good.  It is worth the half hour.  Trust me.

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate Christmas, and happy holidays to those who celebrate other holidays.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says Merry Christmas!

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