No I600 Approval

I know a lot of folks in the Vietnam adoption world were thinking today might be the day we’d wake up to find I600 approvals in our email, and maybe today is that day for other people, but at 6:55 a.m., it is not that day for us.

If you did get yours, or if you know of anybody who got theirs, please let me know!

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12 thoughts on “No I600 Approval

  1. dstirling75

    No luck here, either. Just wondering, do you have any insight as to why today might have been more significant than any other day during the past six weeks? Since we’re already grasping at straws, any bit of esoterica would help. 🙂



  2. Dave,
    There is a family currently in Vietnam that was led to believe there would be a big batch of approvals today. Today being significant becuase the “powers that be” have come off their holiday vacations and had a day or two now to rubber stamp the applications that have already been approved but are just awaiting the final stamp (it is apparently a two-step process and, as I understand it, the second step person was on vacation).


  3. Christina

    I’m sorry, I can imagine how hard it is getting up every day, waiting for the phone to ring (having been there myself, for different reasons). But there’s still tomorrow… praying for good news before the weekend.


  4. wonderandwait

    My in-country blog section is getting thin! I need some of you guys to get those pesky I600’s so I can live vicariously through your travel experiences while I wait and wait and wait and wait for my referral up here in Canada.

    Come on U.S.guy with the rubber stamp. Let these little babies come home!

    Keeping my fingers crossed.



  5. Ok, now it’s noon in Hanoi – how about now? C’mon, powers-that-be, people are going nutty here waiting for news, let the flurry of approvals begin already!!!


  6. I’m praying for you! We just got our referral yesterday for our baby girl in Nam Dinh. Is your I-600 going through Ho Chi Min or Hanoi? Just curious if that makes a difference in timelines?
    Hope you get it today!


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