Mormon Monday and Miscellany

Mormon Monday Quote:

First, we are commanded to serve one another.  The first commandment is to love God.  “And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love they  neighbour as thyself.”

We demonstrate our love when we help and serve each other.

President Gordon B. Hinkcley has said: “No man can be a true Latter-day Saint who is unneighborly, who does not reach out to assist and help others.  It is inherent in the very nature of the gospel that we do so.  My brothers and sisters, we cannot live unto ourselves.”

~ Elder Steven E. Snow, Service, General Conference Oct. 2007

Miscellany #1

No new adoption updates.  Blah.  Last I heard the DIA/IAD seems very willing to rectify anything that needs rectified, but first they need the paperwork back from the province.  So, I don’t know if the province is just taking its sweet time about getting things shipped back like it says its doing, or if the mail is just super slow.  In the meantime, I am now supposed to have our new I171-H all notarized and certified on a zillion different levels and I’m woefully behind because I was too sick to leave the house last week.  Tomorrow it goes to the state level and then should go out to San Francisco by Thursday at the latest.  I’m beginning to think I should just start having random pieces of paper notarized and certified, you know, just in case somebody in Vietnam needs a certified copy of a random piece of paper.  Why not?  Obviously I have a never ending supply of money to keep sending these things off anyway.

Miscellany #2

I am not happy with my WordPress template.  I chose it a few weeks ago because the actual body of the blog is wide, and I like that.  Why are most of them so freaking narrow?  If I only wrote three or four sentence posts the narrowness would be fine, but I don’t.  I blather on and on, and a narrow blog body just makes it look longer, and nobody but nobody will read to the end of anything if it looks like they are going to have to scroll all the way to the South Pole to get there.  It’s psychological.  So I need a wide template, for you, my psychologically weary readers.  The current template is wide, but I hate the sidebar thingy.  There is a huge space between the title of one section (ie “blogroll”) and the actual section, but NO space between the end of the section and the next section’s title.  So things look jumbled.  To make matters more difficult, I must be able to customize my header, because I am a control freak that way; and I don’t want a template with a black background and white typeface.  My apologies to those of you who do blog with such color schemes, but I hate them.  After reading for a while and then looking somewhere else, say at my children, I see lines where no lines should be.  Namely, across my children’s faces.  It’s like when you stare at the sun a light bulb and then look away and all you can see is a big spot, except it’s lines.  I hate it.  I refuse to do that to you.  Don’t be surprised, however, if my blog looks different every day you visit it.  Until they make something I truly like I will probably keep changing things around in vain attempts to find something I remotely like.

Miscellany #3 

My nose wiper thing no longer hurts, but the dark chocolate didn’t survive the weekend.

Miscellany #4

I’m really beginning to lose my patience with this whole adoption process.  Seriously.  My good humor is fading.  I’m afraid this is going to translate into a terribly, consistently unfunny blog.  In the event that this does occur, all complaints should be directed to my adoption agency.  They can forward them, in writing, all notarized and certified, to the proper Vietnamese authorities.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says this is the week.

4 thoughts on “Mormon Monday and Miscellany

  1. I was just messing around with my presentation thing, trying to find something more appealing than what I have now.
    Have you tried the one called “connections”? It’s wide, kind of cute, with a more organized sidebar, and says it has a customizable header. 🙂 I almost did that one.

    Totally with you on the black background/white type thing.


  2. I’m having issues with the blog template as well. I obviously write far too much and I totally hear you on the wide vs. narrow problem. I’m glad you’re feeling better, but super sorry that the adoption situation is getting more complicated. Every time you hear about another “problem,” it feels like someone is punching you in the gut. Well, at least that’s how it felt for me. Having absolutely no control is quite possibly the hardest part. Send the agency’s address to me, please. I’ll definitely have complaints b/c you crack me up. 🙂


  3. 3continentfamily

    I’ve been lurking your blog for ages, but wasn’t able to leave comments on your old site- now I can. I’ve always enjoyed it!
    I’ve been with wordpress for a while and had to try a few templates before settling with the one I have now.
    Please check my site out if you have no idea who I am 🙂 We are waiting to meet our son, too.
    best wishes and feel better!


  4. I love the idea of notarizing and certifying random pieces of home-life papers just in case. You just never know what they might come up with and then you’re ready! And as for your worry about this turning into an unfunny blog, even your frustrated posts crack me up. But I’m laughing with you not at you, right? Don’t even joke about sending complaints to your agency and then on to the VN authorities, cause I’m about ready to do it for you and start a campaign! Actually, hmmm, I do have a good number of people stopping by my blog these days with my news, might be a good opportunity to start a campaign…


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