Elvis Lived Here . . . Sorta

I have really hesitated writing about what has been going on here this week because, well, nothing is set in stone yet.  But this time?  This time it looks like it actually will become set in stone.

As you may or may not know, since I haven’t written about it in forever McH has been steadily looking for a new job.  His current job pays the bills and all, but there is no more upward mobility.  He is stuck, he is stagnating, and he is unhappy there.  I am not fond of his job because:

a. People call at all hours of the day or night looking for him to fix stuff (sometimes really dumb stuff that he shouldn’t have to be dealing with, especially at 3 a.m.) and he is not fairly compensated for this time.  I am not compensated for this time at all.

b. I really don’t appreciate said people yelling at me because McH is not home at 8:30 on some random evening when said people (mistakenly) think the sky is falling (if they’d pay for him to have a company cell phone, why, then I might be inclined to give people his cell phone number, in the meantime good luck paging him while he’s at a martial arts class);

c. The salaried employees’ (that’s us) medical benefits have been cut back to crap so that the company can throw gold at the union employees every time they get a sniffle;

d. His boss’ son and daughter-in-law never did pay me for that wedding cake I did for them.  Okay, that has nothing to do with his job, but still.  Can you imagine not paying for your wedding cake?

Anyway, so McH has been looking for a new job, has had a job offer that was then yanked with no explanation at the very last possible moment, and had other companies say they wanted him, would be making an offer, and then didn’t.  Ooops, sorry, budget cutbacks.  Whatever.  It is tiresome.  It is also a wonder anything ever gets done in this country if this is the way businesses are run.  It could still happen again, the offer could fall through; but this time I don’t think it’s going to happen.  I don’t have that kind of luck.

See, all of the other jobs that never happened?  They would have allowed us to stay right where we are.  You know, in this place the kids and I refer to as HOME.  Okay, well, not all of the other jobs.  There was that Poland thing, but it never really got off the ground anyway, so it didn’t exactly crash and burn like some others.  But this job?  This new one that hasn’t happened?  I’m pretty sure it will.  There are several reasons why, but let’s just focus on one:  my luck.  It is just my stupid luck that this job will come through because it is about 2.5 hours away from HOME.  Not only is it 2.5 hours away from HOME, it is out in the middle of nowhere.  Sure, we get to stay in the same state, which is a bonus, but we will be an hour away from the nearest Target, which may just kill me.  And don’t even get me started about the complete and utter absence of any and all DSW stores.  I may never buy shoes again.

So we’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time this week researching school districts (for when the kids do actually go to school) and looking at real estate listings online.  The bonus to moving to BFE, I have found, is that you can get a lot of land, a lot of house, and a lot of out buildings for not much money.  Plus, we will save about $100 a month (I am not exaggerating) in water bills.  Did you know pond water was a viable water source for a house?  I. did. not.

Well, I found a house in our price range.  It’s on a couple of acres and has just over twice the square footage of our current house if you count the basement (which I do, since our current basement is partially finished and the kids frequently play down there).  It is, apparently, a replica of Graceland.

Did I mention it is in our price range?  Well, yes, it is in our price range as is.  This has me quite disheartened, because it is not in our price range to both buy it and finish building it.  And I really want it.

No, I’m not a big Elvis fan.  I’ve never been to Graceland.  I’ve never even wanted to go to Graceland.  I still don’t want to go to Graceland.  But I’ve always wanted a house with a story, and what could make for a better story than getting to hang a sign on your bathroom door that says:

Elvis died here.  In Tenessee.  I think.

And in the kitchen:

Elivs ate bacon here.  Sorta.

*Sigh*  We are expecting a decent offer from the Very Major Corporation, just not good enough to allow us to buy Graceland and run the electric and plumbing, put up the drywall, install all the flooring and cabinets, side it, install the windows, put in the insulation, install all fixtures and doors, and , you know, etc.  And I just don’t think I can sell enough Blue Barb products (see Cafe Press button on the right) to make up the difference.

So I am probably going to wind up living in a town about half the size of Radiator Springs with nothing to do, not even be able to say:

Elvis did nothing in this jungle room.  Not even sorta.  Gross.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is feeling all shook up.

PS — Obviously, no matter what happens with this possible job, we will NOT move until after we get Quinn home from Vietnam.  I hate the idea of bringing him home and then moving soon thereafter because, duh, the kid is going to be confused and scared enough as it is; but if this job happens, what else can we do?  I also hate the idea of McH living in some one-room apartment above the general store in Radiator Springs while the rest of us stay here because we can’t move until we complete the adoption and we can’t afford to maintain two houses, but what else can we do?  I refuse to redo paperwork.  I don’t know what paperwork would actually need redone, but this late in the game I absolutely refuse to redo anything.  I am more than a little unhappy about it all.  It’s not like we started the adoption process and then decided three months later to move.  No, we’ve been at this for at least a year and a half now, and life can’t stand still forever while we wait on governmental . . . people.

7 thoughts on “Elvis Lived Here . . . Sorta

  1. I can’t say I blame you for not wanting to redo any paperwork! Especially when you are so close to finishing the adoption. It will all work out in the end though.


  2. steppingonlegos

    We moved shortly after bringing Addy home and it was really no big deal at all. The most important part was that we were her family and we were all together. We could have been anywhere and it would have been ok as long as she had her familiar people and a few familiar belongings. Now the hard part was that our move coincided with Tony leaving for a MONTH to Nebraska of all places so THAT was just awful for Addison. But the move? No big deal *at all*. So put that fear out of your mind.

    Do I hope he gets the job or not? Let’s just say I hope that exactly what is meant to be for your family is what comes to pass.


  3. Christina

    Oh I hear you on the Hubby job hunting. Not fun, at all. But hey, if you move to Radiator Springs, just think of the awesome Cars themed rooms you could do for Tank Boy and Quinn!! 🙂


  4. 3continentfamily

    Wow, that’s a lot going on…I can imagine it’s a bit stressful. I can’t believe you weren’t paid for the wedding cake!


  5. ladybugsmama

    I can tell you that when the target opened where I am in BFE, there was a huge celebration…but we did manage to survive happily without it for 2 years. I wouldn’t want to redo anything either. I really hope McH can travel right after Tet.


  6. ladybugsmama

    I can tell you that when the target opened where I am in BFE, there was a huge celebration…but we did manage to survive happily without it for 2 years. I wouldn’t want to redo anything either. I really hope McH can travel right after Tet.


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