Waking Up On the Wrong Side

Have you ever had one of those dreams?

No, not one of those dreams.  Geesh, you people!

You know, one of those dreams that just ruins your whole day from the moment you wake up?  One of those dreams that manages to evoke emotions which then carry over into your waking hours, and, even though you know it was just a dream, you can’t shake the feeling with which it left you.

I hate those dreams.  Luckily they don’t happen often.

But I had one last night.

Remember, this is all just a dream:

Our adoption coordinator called us to say there were more hurdles to be overcome.  There was new paperwork we had to do, and lots of it.  I don’t remember what any of it was now, but I remember that it was all rather ridiculous.  However, we had no choice.  If we wanted to get our son home, we had to do the paperwork.

The paperwork, though, wasn’t the major hurdle.  The major hurdle was my blog.  The Vietnamese authorities had found my blog and felt we wouldn’t be fit parents because on my blog I talked about . . . aren’t dreams crazy things? . . . on my blog I talked about elves.  This somehow made us unfit parents in the eyes of the Vietnamese government.

I was totally confused.  I’ve never written anything about elves that I can remember, I told our coordinator, just the Swedish Tomte.  But the Tomte is more of a gnome, not an elf, and it’s not even a tradition we uphold, so I just didn’t see what the problem was.  I told her I’d go back and delete any posts that mentioned elves or gnomes, but she didn’t think that would help.  They had already seen the posts causing the problems, the damage had been done.

The coordinator was personally going to fly to Uganda to try to get everything worked out.  That’s right, Uganda.  I didn’t understand why, when we are adopting from Vietnam, she would have to go to Uganda, but that was the least of my worries.  The worst part was that she estimated it would take at least 50 days for everything to be done, for the new paperwork to be processed, and for the elf blogging situation to be smoothed over, if indeed it could be smoothed over at all.

And if that wasn’t enough?  Then I found I had to help Rory Gilmore who was being kept in a crate and slapped around by Logan what’s-his-face.  Nobody around her saw that he was being abusive except for me, and I had to get her out of that situation and somehow get the other people to see that they needed to help her, because I just couldn’t do it all.

So today?  Today I woke up feeling angry and frustrated and, dare I say it?  Depressed.  Gulp.  Guess I’ll never be able to adopt from China now.

I don’t want to go to church.  I don’t want to have to talk to people.  And it’s not that I don’t want to talk to them about the adoption, I just don’t want to talk to them at all.  I don’t want to go teach my 12 and 13-year-old girls.  I don’t want to have to paste a smile on my face and pretend like life is just business as usual.  I spent my night trying to get on top of new paperwork and trying to figure out how to make the Vietnamese not hate me for writing about a Swedish gnome, and saving Rory Gilmore.  Does that sound like business as usual to you?

Well, haven’t I just turned into Debbie Downer lately?

But don’t drop me from your BlogLines or GoogleReader accounts just yet.  There should be an update from our agency this week that will hopefully include pictures, so, you know, the Adoption Bi-Polar Disorder will be on the upswing and I’ll be deliriously happy then. 

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt really is going to make more of an effort to find you soon.

8 thoughts on “Waking Up On the Wrong Side

  1. I’m sorry you had such a rotten dream – I know exactly what you mean about them kinda ruining the next day…that being said, I was laughing my patootie off about the elves!


  2. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I hate dreams like that, it’s so weird how something you know isn’t real, still affects you. You just end up feeling down and out of sorts all day. Sorry you’re having one of those days. Tomorrow will be better!


  3. steppingonlegos

    You make this stuff up. That is the most hilarious dream ever! But I def. know the after-effects of a bad dream. It is a cruel irony that a dream can come complete with real feelings and real feelings don’t just go away when you open your eyes. Those awful gnomes!


  4. Michelle

    I hear you. I recently had a dream that I got to the orphanage and they presented me with a little girl instead of the little boy I had been dreaming of for months. I was inconsolable, crying “where’s Oscar? where’s Oscar”. My coordinator then took me on a world-wide odyssey searching for Oscar that ended in Saudi Arabia, where Oscar had been adopted by a Saudi prince and I was convicted of some crime relating to adopting while single and sentenced to death by stoning. No gnomes in mine, though. Gnomes make everything much scarier.


  5. Christina

    I had those dreams… ok, no elf-blogging… but the hurdles and everything going wrong. I think the more delays we face, the less we can believe things will ever work out. But I do believe things are working out for you and your son will be in your arms SOON. I know, not soon enough (cuz that would have been like 3 months ago)… but sooner than you can let yourself believe.


  6. Oh, anxiety dreams. If it weren’t that, would it be one of my old favorites (either all your teeth splintering and falling out, or realizing you have to take an exam for a class you’ve been skipping all year long)? I’m sorry. I’d never drop you from my bloglines, no matter how sad you are.


  7. Ahhh! A place where I can comment!

    Did you know Rory Gilmore’s boyfriend is now a Nice Christian Boy on ‘Friday Night Lights’? I KNOW. It’s very weird.

    Hoping for a dreamless night!


  8. 3continentfamily

    Wow, that’s one impressive and wacky dream. Honestly, I think the Rory in a crate was the most disturbing aspect 😉
    Hang in there. I do hope you get news soon.


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