Phullabaloney Facts

Mr. Fill is both shocked and pleased to see that other people, besides just me, value his forecasting skills.  We all need to feel needed, I suppose, so you have made a dapper, if not somewhat uncouth, groundhog happy.

So Phullabaloney and I had a little chat (like to have made a nice Mormon girl swoon with all the language!) and I think we have something of an arrangement worked out:

Mr. Fill will emerge from his humble abode every Thursday at 2:00 p.m. EST and make predictions for all those who have submitted requests by noon that Thursday.  If no one submits a request, well his prediction will just apply to me because I am the lucky owner landlord trainer neighbor to this delightful creature.  At any rate, said predictions will be published on the blog here on Friday.  You know, Phullabaloney Friday.  Unless they only apply to me and I get the sense that the rest of you would be bored out of your collective skulls.

Anyway, if you would like Mr. Fill to make a prediction for you, just email me.  Let me know what it is you’re waiting on and if you have a blog let me know how to find it as well.  Your blog will be linked up with your prediction results.  If you don’t have a blog, that’s okay, you just won’t be linked up.  You can also leave a comment in the comments section at any time to request a prediction, just let us know what you’re waiting on and, again with the blog thing.  To those of you who left comments on the previous post requesting predictions:  they’ll be here on Friday.  If you have blogs and want them linked, please let me know.

*And The Best Part of All*

It’s free!!!!!

P.F. and I discussed the brilliance of the 1-900 line idea, but at this time he really would like to provide his skills to others strictly as service (I think he may be working on a Boy Scout merit badge or something?).

Before I go for the evening, I thought I would answer some Fullabaloney Fill FAQs:

Mr. Fill and Blue Barb?
Yeah, we’re going through a bit of a transition period there.  You all know how testy she can be.

Your children have such an interesting assortment of toys . . .
Yes, well, I suppose Blue Barb is interesting, and maybe some of the others; but Phullabaloney isn’t theirs.  He’s mine.  But please don’t tell him that.  The language gets really salty and the grammar gets really bad any time anyone implies that he is "owned".

Why on earth would an adult have a stuffed groundhog?
Because apparently I overestimate my discretionary income. 

You’ve been holding out on us.  How long have you had this miraculous, marvelous beast?
Just about 36 hours now.  The adoption wait was really getting to me yesterday so, in my desperation for information of any kind, I went to the mall and got a groundhog just so I could plop him in the back yard to see if he cast a shadow.  I suppose this is my twisted version of not waiting idly.

Did he come with the top hat or did you have to purchase that separately?
And, for the record, I seriously have been asked this question more than once.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

6 thoughts on “Phullabaloney Facts

  1. Oh my gosh, you crack me up. How could anyone ever be bored with your blog? And even when you are frustrated or down, I am almost always still cracking up. I can’t wait to read all the predictions on Friday! And what an image to try to get out of my head – Mr Fill and Blue Barb. Could there be a love match in the works? Their children would sure be something…


  2. I’m crying tears, this is so funny!!!!!!!!!!

    Does Fill only make adoption predictions? If not, I have one! I want to know if my Landlord will renew my lease with a REAL incentive instead of the “you can skip a month of rent and then we’re upping your rent for the next two years so it all comes out even” version of an incentive. If he is strictly for adoption purposes, please disregard. Or ask him if he thinks Addison will ever have a sister from Vietnam, ok? Thanks Fill ::smooch::


  3. Dianna

    We spent an hour and mucho moolah at the B-a-B on Sunday and I was sooooooooo tempted by my own groundhog! But since my daughters had already loaded up on a hippo, puppy dog, and roller skates for a previously purchased giraffe, I figured I’d better not. *sigh*


  4. Colleen

    You know I want in on this Mr. Fill action.

    Mr. Fill, can you give me a referral time estimate?


    PS – If you ever get tired of Blue Barb, I have a ceramic buffalo who thinks you are a looker.


  5. mom

    I’m laughing. I think I saw one of P. F.’s relatives at the mall just a day or two ago and wondered “what child would want a groundhog…odd”

    I’m sure Blue Barb is enjoying her time of respite, plotting out ways to infiltrate once again.


  6. mom

    not your mom, Jenn from 2moretolvoe

    I hate that I picked that screename for my wordpress account! Gotta be a way to change it.


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