Yes, I stole that from Zeeb, and I probably will continue to do so throughout this post (which is not a Mormon Monday post, but I will do that later).

Was it just last week I was whining about all the waiting, and couldn’t something, anything, just happen so that we’d have one less thing to wait for?  Did I whine about that here on my blog, or was that just in real life?  I’m sure it was on the blog, too.

Anyway, McH called me from work this morning to tell me The Great Mamma Corporation had just called him.  The official offer should be out in the mail in the next several days.  The salary will be a decent raise plus bonuses, there will be a relocation package, though we’re still not sure which one, and they are still shooting for a start date of March 1.

WTF?!?!? (meaning, of course, “What the frap?!?!?” because I don’t use that other F word).

Was I the one that said I don’t like moving but at this point I’d like to do it just to stop the waiting to see if I’m going to have to do it?  What the frap?!?

The Great Mamma Corporation asked McH if he’d made it to Vietnam yet.  He told them no, and that chances are he may have to go sometime in March.  T.G.M.C. just said, “Okay.”


So, from my selfish perspective, this means McH is going to have to start living above a general store somewhere in Radiator Springs starting the first of March; which means I am going to be left here with four kids and three dogs and two cats and the responsibility of keeping the house ready to be shown at the drop of a hat (unless we get the relocation package wherein the company just buys our house from us).  What the frap?!?!

Of course, we can’t even put the house on the market until we have travel dates because, with my luck, we’d accidentally sell it before McH goes to get Quinn, and then what do we do about the paperwork?  Honestly, I haven’t even asked our agency these questions because all I know is I’M NOT REDOING PAPERWORK!  FRAP!  Then, of course, there is always the possibility that McH will go get Quinn and then have to go back to Radiator Springs while I am left here with FIVE children, two cats, three dogs, and all the responsibility of keeping the house in ready-to-show condition.  Not only will this scenario be pretty much impossible, it’s going to really screw with the whole bonding and attachment process.  Frap!

And have I told you?  Through the miracle of the internet I have found a house that I think would be perfect.  It is an old Victorian with 3100+ square feet, plus a basement, plus a carriage house which could be used for our school room and a work-out area, and a tea house (which I think is a glorified gazebo, but I’m not sure).  It is on about 2/3 of an acre.  The kitchen and the bathrooms are all updated and it looks to be in pristine condition.  And the price?  The price?  You won’t believe me.  Under $150,000.  Actually, under $140,000.

The down sides?  It’s on main street (but in a town of 1,700 people (and no, I didn’t forget any zeros) how busy can main street be?), and it has a contingency on it already.

I probably should clarify here: this house is located in a town of 1,700, but the town where McH will be working (Radiator Springs) is much larger.  It actually has a mall.  With a Bath and Body Works.   It also has a Megalith Mart, my grocery store of choice, but it has no Target.  Anyway, point being that we may wind up in a teeny tiny little town because the schools are better than in Radiator Springs (I’m not home schooling forever), but at least we will have Radiator Springs near by.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  At least?  Hahahahahahahahahahah.

So this brings me to another adoption related concern I’m suddenly having.  How many adopted kids live in the Greater Radiator Springs area?  How many Asian kids do you suppose live in the Greater Radiator Springs area?  Not that I think my kids have to play with other Asian kids.  Not that I want a Korean and Vietnamese church nearby.  Just that I have always appreciated the fact that no matter where we go in our Four-Target-Five-Bath-And-Body-Works area, there are always Asians around.  Not that I stop and point them out to Tank Boy, but I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t look around him and see a sea of faces which exclusively don’t resemble his.  Not that he gives a rat’s patootie about it now, but as he gets older I imagine it will make a difference.


Now I need to go through my house room by room and make a list of all the things we need to fix up a bit.


And George, Tewt just says, “whatever.”

PS — I’m bound to get further behind on my blog reading that I already am.  If I don’t leave comments much for a while, it’s not that I’ve stopped reading (because I will continue to read) but I may not have time to comment much until all of the dust settles around my life.


4 thoughts on “Frap

  1. Congrats on the job. Helpful tip: Make sure you take your relocation benefits into account when adjusting your tax withholdings for the new job. We just went through this in 2007; while we appreciated the relo package (which, regrettably, did not include the home purchase), we were surprised to see the cash value of that package show up as income on the pay stub one day. And it was not a small amount. Certainly more than we would have paid to move ourselves — and we were just two people at the time; no five kids, no three dogs, no stuffed groundhog. But again, congratulations. A change is as good as a rest — a whole new set of worries! 🙂


  2. Frap indeed! Here’s hoping for the fancy relo package; not having to keep a house show-worthy woudl be awsome (we sold our house within 3 weeks of our return from Vietnam with Lucy — oy (i.e. Jewish Frap)!)


  3. Wow. I don’t even know where to start. Just wow. I’m starting to feel like traveling back and forth between DC and home with my ONE kid might be fun. 🙂 I’m not sure I could live without a Target…you’re a brave woman.


  4. Christina

    WTFrap!! I am loving your new version of Zeeb’s word. 🙂 And I am totally freaking out for you… just the remote possibility that we’d have to move in mid-march had me freaking out and I’m not waiting to travel to VN!! But it sounds like a really really good offer and I will be soooooo jealous of you if you get relo that covers the house thing! (that is my fantasy but looks so very unlikely for us – sigh) Okay, that’s it, you all just need to get TA like TONIGHT so you can get that boy home and move together as a family!!!


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