Because Life Isn’t Complicated Enough

Did you ever feel like God was trying to teach you a lesson?  I mean, not be all vengeful and “nya, nya, nya, nyaaaa nya” but just teach you a lesson?

So maybe He is trying to teach me to not be critical of others who whine about their problems.  And maybe He is trying to teach me this by just piling on the problems to see how much I can take before I become the world’s most insufferable whiner.

Not that I haven’t been whiny off and on about the adoption stuff for a while now, but I do try to keep it in check.  Really, I do.  Maybe He wants me to get to the point where I can’t keep it in check so that I’ll have more sympathy for others who don’t or can’t keep it in check.

Or maybe God has nothing to do with it.  Maybe it’s all just one big horrible coincidence that today McH had a follow up appointment with the neurologist and found out he needs back surgery.

I don’t know how much I’ve written about this little medical saga, so let’s see if I can sum it up without boring everyone to tears:

Right around the holidays McH’s on and off lower back pain got worse.  Then it suddenly became excruciating shooting, cramping pain up and down his right leg.  Have you ever had  your toes cramp up?  You know how they twist into unnatural positions and hurt really bad when that happens?  Imagine it non-stop for two days.  And did you ever get a charlie horse in the middle of the night so that your entire calf muscle was just balled up into a little, painful, rock-hard knot of torture?  Imagine that going on at the same time for two days.  He has a high pain threshold.  I’ve never seen him in pain like that.  It wasn’t pretty.

A few days and a bunch of steroids later, the pain was much subsided and he was mobile, but he lost a lot of muscle strength in his right foot and leg.  As in, he couldn’t stand on his toes on his right leg, just his left, and thank goodness for a Dr. friend who had him try that little test, because the regular family Dr. was too obtuse.

An MRI later we found out he has a herniated and ruptured disk, but the neurologist (who his regular Dr. wasn’t even going to refer him to because that Dr. didn’t think he’d lost enough mobility or any muscle strength to necessitate such a visit) didn’t think surgery was necessary.

Now another Dr. friends of ours (who, along with the first Dr. friend, told him to press his family Dr. for the neurology referral) saw the MRI results and consulted with a neurosurgeon colleague, and they were all, “Holy heck!  Get thee to the emergency room and demand surgery now!”  But the neurologist McH actually officially went to, who is the neurologist on call when the President of the United States is in town, said, “It’s pretty amazing that you can stand and walk and have the strength that you have considering the injury you have, so let’s just hold off on the surgery and see what your super hero body can do on it’s own.”  Okay, the neurologist may not have actually used the words “super hero body,” but it was implied.

So there was a follow up MRI, and today was the follow up appointment to discuss the follow up MRI with the presidential neurologist.  And the presidential neurologist is quite confused as to how McH has apparently regained all of his strength and has minimal to no pain most of the time, given that the little exploded off piece of disc hasn’t, I believe the term was “shriveled up,” and is still right there up against his sciatic nerve, where it will cause scarring and permanent damage if he doesn’t have surgery to remove it.  The neurologist, of course, is recommending the surgery be done sooner rather than later.

Scheduling the surgery asap would mean he should be fully recovered by the time he starts his new job.  Also, we’ve already met our deductible with our current insurance plan, so the surgery would be less expensive for us if he has it done now rather than later, when we have a new insurance plan and a new deductible to meet.

But then . . . there is the adoption.  Though of course they can’t guarantee it, the agency is saying March travel is likely.

Which would be nice if it’s early March so he can be back to start the new job April 1.

But will it happen?

Or will he start his new job in April, and soon thereafter have to take off to go to Vietnam, only to return to take off again to have back surgery?

Maybe I should go to Vietnam.  But the paperwork is all done for him to go without me.  And redoing it so that I can go without him, well, could that set us back even further?  Of course it could.

And how long can he put off the surgery without doing some real, permanent damage?  The neurologist seems to think a few more months won’t hurt, as long as he’s not out competing in cage fights or doing his martial arts stuff, but still he recommends sooner rather than later.

So: screwed up adoption, new job and a move, back surgery for McH.  That is our three things, right?  Bad things come in threes, right?  I mean, I guess if I were more of an optimist I’d see the new job as a good thing, but since it involves a move I really think it clearly belongs in the “bad thing” category.

So God, that’s it.  That is our three things, and I am officially whining.  Lesson learned.  Enough already.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

12 thoughts on “Because Life Isn’t Complicated Enough

  1. Oh goodness, just when one thinks you have enough on your plate and can’t hold anymore. Whine away, even though I would argue that you’ve even been whining. I do hope you have your quota of challenges all filled up now, so things can start to fall into place and life can become mellow for you (well, as mellow as can be in your world)!


  2. WOW, I’d say He’s piled it on ya alright! This last one is like kickin ya while you’re down though. My gosh. BTW, you sure have a heck of a lot of “Dr. friends!” And why does the president needs an on-call neurologist when he’s in your town? Interesting stuff.
    I really hope the clouds part soon for you guys, especially with the adoption. This is just ridiculous and has gone on WAAAAAAAAAAY too long. I know I’m preaching to the choir here!


  3. Laurie, we do know a lot of Drs. They are all from church. I have no idea why the president needs a neurologist on call (he isn’t even in town very often), but that’s the word on the street about this guy.


  4. The president has one of everything on call- you name it, he has it. Standard operating procedure, so to speak.

    Good luck with the surgery. my husband had surgery in August and had some complications that kept him home for about 10 weeks. He is all better now and really glad that he took the plunge, so to speak. Would the neuro do the surgery or an ortho? Was it a herniated disc? That’s what my husband had.


  5. You feel free to whine away – that is a lot going on. I am so sorry about the back surgery complicating things even further. I hope it all works itself out soon.


  6. whoa! That’s a lot of stuff, and definitely whine worthy imo. Sorry you’re going through all this, and especially your husband. eek

    Mia’s Mommy


  7. Our bad luck always seems to kick us around in teams too. This latest one for you and your husband sounds just awful. I really hope a ton of good things start kicking you around in teams soon. 🙂


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