Just Another Manic . . . umm . . . Thursday

So far this week we have had two appraisers, two real estate agents, a home inspector and the “radon lady” in our house.

Today, the “radon lady” comes back to collect the equipment that hopefully has not been detecting any noxious gasses in our house (I accidentally typed “asses” at first and, really, I hope it has not been detecting any of those in our house, either).  Also, one of the real estate agents is coming back to tell us what he thinks our house should sell for, and a representative of the moving company is coming to survey our house to get a feel for how much crap they are going to have to haul up to Radiator Springs for us.

*Quick aside to Dianna — the last time I saw the high-school-dating-guy-Mater, he looked more like David Crosby of Crosby, Stills and Nash than Larry the Cable Guy.  However, if he has since started balding, has shaved all the facial hair, and hasn’t lost the weight he’d gained since high school, he probably looks similar to Larry the Cable Guy.  He did not, however, look like either of those people when we were in high school.  Though he has always talked exactly like Larry the Cable guy.*

Yesterday McH got a call from the Great Mamma Corporation asking him if he could start the new job March 17 rather than April 1.  This is quite the conundrum.  The agency really thinks he will be in Vietnam by mid March (I know, yay! right?); but if he starts prior to April 1 we will be eligible for more benefits this year, and one of these benefits is possibly the company’s adoption benefit.  Which is substantial.  So now we are put in the unbelievable position of having to decide, “Go get the boy asap, or try to put it off a couple of weeks so McH can start the new job sooner?”  Because, you know, we haven’t been waiting forever on this whole adoption.  Who wants to wait longer?  But then, as long as it’s been, what’s a couple more weeks?

I! know!  You all think we’re nuts now.  We should hear back from the Great Mamma Corp. today about the adoption benefit thing,  and hopefully have a better idea from the agency as to whether or not that final adoption decision is even signed yet anyway, and then make our decision on the start date.  Feel free to weigh in here.  I’m not promising I’ll take you’re advice, but I am curious as to what the rest of you would think/do in this situation.

Even if he puts off the start date until April 1 and we lose some of the benefits this year (because April 1 is the start of the second quarter of the year), I don’t think we’ll have to worry too much about the financial aspect of it all.  You see, it’s not all set in stone yet, but it seems that McH’s current employer is not going to replace him when he leaves.  He is just, apparently, irreplaceable.  So, instead, they want to hire him as a contractor to just monitor the network remotely (from  home in Radiator Springs) and do what other things he can do remotely (like reset passwords for idiots who lock themselves out at 3 a.m. and other stuff that I don’t understand).  They are estimating 10-20 hours per week (closer to the 10 hour side) with occasional on-site weekend support/projects.  Normally I would be inclined to veto such excessive work time, what with children and a wife who actually like some attention from him now and then, but there is going to be a 60-day opt out to the contract, and they are going to pay him by the week, not the hour, and the weekly pay?  THE WEEKLY PAY?  I’m not telling.

A certain member of my family (aka, the only people in the world who could immediately see a down side to this potential windfall) have already warned me that they will squeeze every minute of work out of McH that they can, and chew him up and spit him out.  I’m thinking a certain member of my family just wishes they could make that much money dinking around on their laptop for two or three hours a night while watching t.v.  I’m just saying.

Anyway, if the contract actually happens, and if it does turn into some sort of hellish, overworking nightmare, then he’ll give them the 60 days notice and be out, and our savings account will, in the meantime, have been replenished.  Quite different than the years he worked full time and went to school full time both for his bachelors and masters and it was a hellish, overworking nightmare that didn’t pay squat.  Except now.  It’s paying off now.  Anyway, with five kids we really have to at least try out these opportunities to prepare for the future when they come.

Okay, and if you’re all still reading this drivel you get 15 points.  You see, this is the closest thing to a journal I have, so sometimes what I write really is just for me to record what is happening in my life so that someday my grandchildren can read it and say, “That wrinkled old lady said that?  She did that?  My mom/dad did what?  Oh, so that explains why I squat on the toilet . . . ” etc.  Other times what I write is to give you all a chuckle.  And the best times are when it’s both.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt and all.

9 thoughts on “Just Another Manic . . . umm . . . Thursday

  1. You crack me up! What a score with the part-time contractor work!
    NO idea what we’d do about the start date / adoption delay. I know how you feel about the benefits actually making a huge difference. Maybe the decision will be made for you if those $*(#wits don’t get off their butts to sign off. I hope that’s not the case though. My gosh you’ve waited long enough!!


  2. It depends how substantial it is…I think. Ours was pretty substantial at $5k. For that, or more, I think I’d wait two more weeks. If it’s less, I don’t know. You pay taxes on it (my firm said we wouldn’t but we did), so you don’t get the whole amount. AND, you don’t get it until the adoption is final, i.e., finalized in the US about a year later. So…that’s my 2 cents. Either way, you’ll make the right decision I’m sure 🙂


  3. So if the benefits come with simply being employed in the first quarter of the year, can he possibly have a start date in early-ish March, but then use vacation time when he needs to be in Vietnam? Or even a start date of March 30?


  4. Christina

    oh yikes… not a fun choice. But knowing myself and how incredibly bad I am at waiting… I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to delay travel (but then knowing how sensible my hubby is, he probably would, especially if it meant serious $$).


  5. I was going to ask the same thing Melissa did – how about starting the last business day of March? I don’t think it’s crazy to put off the adoption travel though – there is a lot to gain by waiting and if you’ve survived all this crazy waiting already I think you can do two more weeks. But, once you commit to it then you’d probably want to kick yourself! That is pretty dang cool with the contract for McH though – defnitely a perk that I think he’s earned from them after all he’s gone through with them (though then does he have to take a cell/laptop to VN for them if he’s not still FT with them?). And I agree with Laurie – I suspect your decision may end up being made for you depending on what does or doesn’t happen with the paperwork in VN. But sounds like things are really happening now. Good luck with the house offer this weekend!


  6. What can I do with my 15 points? 🙂 That’s awesome about the part time contract work for McH. Even if he can only swing it for a short while, it’s nice. I don’t know what I’d do in your situation – that’s touch decision. Two weeks doesn’t seem like much in the scheme of things, but we all know how long two weeks really is when you’re waiting for your child. You’ll make the right decision for your family either way.


  7. I don’t have any sage words of advice. Hopefully the decision will be made for you and you’ll have a better idea of when you’ll travel soon.
    Love the part-time gig! That’s awesome. And even better that he can get out with a relatively short notice.


  8. Dianna

    Oh I’m so glad I checked in – I was worried about the Larry the Cable Guy thing. Although he’s actually a pretty nice guy from what I can see of him in his box at Nebraska football games every fall. He buys a bunch of hotdogs and hands them out to fans sitting beneath him and always spends his entire halftime signing autographs. But still… not dating material. Ha.

    My opinion on the work/travel thing? Two more weeks is only two more weeks. Horrible damage is not being done – he’s being loved on and spoiled rotten by the nannies. And additional benefits are nothing to sneeze at. But if your sanity is threatened, then two weeks is a big deal and you should stick with April 1st. It really all depends on how close to the little white jacket you are 🙂


  9. steppingonlegos

    I am so behind in blog reading that i had to read all the way back to here to figure out the contractor reference as of late! Haha. Anyway I bet it (the time) will be a non-issue. Tony contracts constantly and it barely affects us. He squeezes a lot of stuff in during his day job (you know – during all the time the other employees are on “smoke break” or having lunch or Googling their ex-girlfriends) and the rest of the stuff he does at night after we are all sleeping. Of course its flexi that way and maybe McH’s won’t be. But it all seems to work out fine and the benefits to the family are fantastic. Tony still has time to cook dinner and put the babies to bed and that’s all I care about (kidding!!)


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