Just. So. Tired

Today I was going to regale you with a snarky, humorous tale about the 5,000 or so square feet of hideousness we went to look at before finally deciding to make an offer on the house we went up to make the offer on.  But I think everything is catching up with me, and I am exhausted.  Not an ounce of snark in me today.

For the record, though, the house we are buying does not have 5,000 square feet.  The house we are selling doesn’t either.  But a girl can dream, right?

Anyway, as much as I like the new house, and love the 4 acres it is on, I was really hesitant to make an offer because we are losing so much bedroom space.  This, of course, is because of the vaulted ceiling in the entry.  Don’t get me wrong, I love vaulted ceilings.  Love, love, love them.  But they make the second floor smaller.  So there will be no room for the kids’ toys in the kid’s bedrooms, or at least very little.  McH said we could just make the finished basement one big toy room, and we could.  And we will. 

But then that leaves us with the problem of where to put the television and have a family room type of space.  McH said we could put it in the actual family room, and we could.  And we will.

But then that leaves us with the problem of where to put all the school desks and books and computers and paper and office supplies and craft supplies and all of the other things that currently occupy our family room/school room.  McH said we could build a school house.

And guess what?  We could!  And we will!  So that pretty much closed the deal for me.  We are going to add an outbuilding with a bathroom that can be used as a school room + big space for kids to run around in when the weather is nasty/throw some air mattresses in it and it’s a guest house.  Someday, if we’re still there, when we’re done home schooling, we’ll throw up some interior walls and a small kitchen, put some furniture in it and have a mother-in-law/guest house (or “granny flat” as one guy at church called it).  If the consulting gig actually pans out we should be able to pay cash for it as we go.  If not, it will be a fairly small loan.  I mean, really, with no Target around the impulse shopping money we’ll save should more than cover it.

*Side note to those gasping in horror:  that was a joke.  While I do impulse shop more than I should when I go to Target, I’m really not that bad.*

I took a bunch of pictures of the house and thought about posting them, but since it really is not our house at this point that idea felt a little creepy.  Instead, I may go through and take pictures of our current house so you can see the big bedrooms I’m going to miss, and so that I can document that my house was clean at least once while I lived here.  But not right now.  I’m too tired to take pictures and post them.  Pretty bad, huh?

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is really looking forward to that pond.

9 thoughts on “Just. So. Tired

  1. That sounds SO COOL – your own little schoolhouse?! I hope you get a good night’s sleep and feel re-energized tomorrow…and I’m hoping that exact thing for myself as well!


  2. Christina

    Love the schoolhouse/hangout idea. I have the same problem with vaulted ceilings – nice in theory, but I’d rather have the space. The specs we used to build this house had a vaulted entry but we told the architect to close that up and make the bedrooms have walk-in closets instead. I don’t miss the entry and I LOVE the closets!! If only I could design every house we live in…


  3. I’m really jealous. Tomorrow our home will have been on the market for 6 months. Sucky anniversary let me assure you! I have found so many homes I love, and one in particular that I’m holding out hope for. But, we need to sell before we buy. And building an outdoor schoolhouse! What a dream! I’m just so jealous!!!


  4. Well you know I’m hearing you on the oh-so-tired thing (though I feel so wimpy saying that in comparison to all you are keeping up with!). I think the schoolhouse idea sounds so awesome! Can’t wait to see pictures of both houses!


  5. Given that you’re apparently reading blogs at 6:00 a.m., I’m afraid you might not have had a great night’s sleep (right there with you). Oh, a schoolhouse sounds wonderful…visions of Little House. A Targetless hell, on the other hand, sounds…well, bad.


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